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Art Deco Prints and Pochoir - page 2

Period Print by Jacques Nam
This original period print on card of monkeys is by Jacques Nam. From the archives of the Max Le Verrier Atelier and is stamped Max Le Verrier to the reverse. It measures 12 inches by 9 inches (30cm x 23cm). In excellent condition and currently unframed.

Ref: Art2668 . . . £195

Margaret Bradley Magazine Print
This, and the following 2 pics are all the work of Margaret Bradley, who was credited with pictures for publications and books during the art deco period, especially during the 1920s. Some are original watercolours, some are prints from magazines and books. I obtained a folder with the entire collection, and I have framed them in contemporary frames. This one is a beautifully painted watercolour by Bradley, and framed in a contemporary frame.

Ref: Art525c . . . £175

Original Artwork by Bradley
Another original watercolour by Bradley, this one perhaps a book illustration.

Ref: Art525d . . . £175

Original Artwork by Bradley
This is another 1920s piece by Bradley for 'Home' magazine and is signed in the left hand corner.

Ref: Art525e . . . £160

Hairdressers Advert
Original 1920's French advertising poster for a haberdashery shop. Printed on board and unframed, it measures approx. 18 inches high by 12 inches wide (46cm x 30cm). Condition is vintage and used but good with some scuff marks to the finish.

Ref: Art2184 . . . £125

Nouveau Print
Original French period print of a lady. Frame is original but tatty so could do with a repair or reframing. It measures 24 inches high by 19 inches wide. The print itself is in good condition.

Ref: Art2185 . . . £225

Ric and Rac Pochoir by Pol Rab
Original French 1920s - 1930s pochoir print of Ric and Rac the famous naughty cartoon terriers. Rac - Comment la trouvez-vous? Ric - Je ne peux pas a sentir. Rac - How do you find? Ric - I can not have felt.Loses something in the translation but I think we get the gist of it. Unmounted and it measures measures 14 inches by 11 inches (36cm x 28cm). Condition is vintage but good with a water stain to the top above the borzois dog. I have several other original Ric and Rac pictures, email me for more details.

Ref: Art2450 . . . £265

Original Pochoir by Naudy
This is an original period pochoir pint signed by the artist E. Naudy and framed in a contemporary silvered wood frame, measuring 21 x 7 inches (53 x 43cm). Condition is very good with no rips or tears, but a slight rippling due to age. Email me for more pics.

Ref: Art234 . . . £155

Colour Print by George Barbier
Day and Night (Le jour et la nuit), contemporary print by the famous French artist George Barbier created in 1922 for the almanac 'Falbalas et Fan Freluches'. A pair of ladies in evening dress. Frame measures approximately 14 inches x 11 inches (36x28cm).

Ref: Art552 . . . £48

Huge Tamara de Lempicka Print on Canvas
This huge print of the Sailor by Tamara de Lempicka, entitled 'Idyll' - the original was painted in the early 1930's - was produced in the 1960's. It is printed on canvas and so looks authentic. Made for the clothing company River Island and displayed in their windows on large easels. I have two of these prints,the other is the Straw Hat - see Art2191. It measures 4 feet by 3 feet (122cm x 92cm). In very good condition.

Ref: Art2190 . . . £595

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