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Jakob Bengel Bracelets 11

Bengel Bracelet
Green and black galalith bracelet by Jakob Bengel circa 1930. Measures approximately 7.5 inches from clasp to clasp (17.5cm). In good, used vintage condition but with an old hairline to one panel, hence £125

Ref: JE5244 . . . £125

Acorns Bracelet by Bengel
Blue wooden basal with chome metal cups bracelet. Made by Bengel in the early 1930s. It measures 9 inches (22.5cm) from screw clasp to clasp. In vintage used condition with some minor age wear to the chrome.

Ref: JE5251 . . . £125

Tapped Metal Bangle by Bengel
A Jakob Bengel bangle having a tapped gilt metal band with central copper panelling. It measures .75 inches wide (2cm) and will fit most wrist sizes as it can easily be squeezed smaller or opened larger. Condition is vintage but unused.

Ref: JE5269 . . . £98

German Bracelet
Tortoiseshell effect galalith bracelet interspersed with metal floral patterned panels. Made in German and I believe designed by Theodore Fahener, marked Ges. Gesler to the back. It measures approximately .75 inches wide by 7.5 inches from clasp to clasp (2cm x 8.5cm), so will fit a small to medium sized wrist. Condition is vintage and used but good, the clasp are new replacements.

Ref: JE5367 . . . £135

Mesh Bangle by Bengel
German gilt metal mesh bangle by Jakob Bengel. It has a 2.75 inch (7cm) interior diameter, making it suitable for a medium to large wrist size. In good condition.

Ref: JE5414 . . . £78

Rings Bracelet by Bengel
Gilt metal and black glass rings. Made in the early 1930's and in good vintage condition. It measures 7 inches long (17.5cm).

Ref: JE5417 . . . £98

Maerwerk Bracelet by Bengel
A small gilt metal brickwork bracelet with red and green enamel patterning. Made by Bengel in the early 1930's. It measures 6.5 inches (16.5cm) from clasp to clasp. In good vintage used condition.

Ref: JE5439 . . . £145

Bracelet by Bengel
Marbled navy blue galalith bracelet by Jakob Bengel. It measures 7.25 inches from clasp to clasp (18cm) and will fit a small to medium sized wrist. Condition although good is not perfect as two of the galalith panels have hairline cracks to them.

Ref: JE6271 . . . £175

Modernist Bracelet by Bengel
Green galalith and chrome bracelet by Jakob Bengel. Made in the early 1930s. It measures approx 1 inch wide by 7 inches long (2.3cm x 17.5cm) from clasp to clasp. Condition is very good.

Ref: J3303 . . . £265

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