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Jakob Bengel Bracelets 2

German Galalith Bracelet
Ovular pearlised brown galalith with red beads and chrome rings, possibly by Bengel. Measures 8.5 inches (21cm) and .75 inches wide. Condition is good.

Ref: JE393 . . . £45

Bracelet by Bengel
Gilt metal bracelet, made in the 1930's by Jakob Bengel. It measures 6.5 inches long (16cm). Condition is used but good.

Ref: JE2824 . . . £85

Egyptian Bracelet by Bengel
Jakob Bengel mauerwerk guilt bracelet with sandwiched red galalith panels. Made in the early 1930's. It measures 8 inches (20cm) long from clasp to clasp. Condition is vintage but very good as it is old/new unsold stock.

Ref: JE1199 . . . £165

Maerwerk Bracelet by Bengel
Jakob Bengel brickwork bracelet with red and black enamelling. Made in the early 1930's. It will fit a small to medium sized wrist. In good condition as a new/old stock item.

Ref: JE4524 . . . £165

Modernist Bangle by Bengel
Crescent shaped chrome modernist bangle made in the early 1930's by Jakob Bengel. Good condition.

Ref: JE323 . . . £85

Red and Gilt Link Bracelet
Another gilt metal and galalith bracelet made in the 1920's by Jakob Bengel. Measures 8.5 inches (22cm) long and .5 inches wide (1.5cm). In very good condition. I also have this same bracelet in navy galalith (JE324).

Ref: JE325 . . . £165

Linked Circles by Bengel
A 1930's chromed circles bracelet measuring 8.5 inches (22cm) in length and in very good condition.

Ref: JE328 . . . £95

Jakob Bengel Bracelet
Green galalith and chrome ball bracelet and will fit most wrists, as it is elasticated. Very good condition.

Ref: JE705 . . . £95

Rare Bracelet by Bengel
Black galalith and chrome gate Bracelet. This piece has appeared in many art deco books. I have been fortunate to have obtained a few of these bracelets and they are all old unsold stock items. So I can offer this in red or black. It measures 1.25 inch wide by 7.25 inches long (3cm x 18cm) and so will fit a small to medium sized wrist. In good vintage condition.

Ref: JE9679 . . . £395

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