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Jakob Bengel Bracelets 8

Enamel Bracelet by Bengel
Floral enamel painted panel bracelet, made by Bengel in the early 1930's. It measures 7.25 inches from clasp to clasp (18.5cm). Condition is very good as they are new/old stock.

Ref: JE2454 . . . £135

Green Galalith Bracelet by Bengel
Chrome and green galalith panel bracelet. Made in the early 1930's in Germany, I believe by Bengel. It measures 7 inches long by (18cm) from clasp to clasp. In good used condition.

Ref: JE2585 . . . £145

Bracelet by Bengel
Early 1930's green galalith and chrome bracelet. Made by the Jakob Bengel company. It measures 6.5 inches (16cm) from clasp to clasp, therefore will fit a small sized wrist. Condition is used with same age cracking to the galalith.

Ref: JE4826 . . . £125

Modernist Bangle by Bengel
Early 1930's green and red galalith and chrome bangle, made by the Jakob Bengel factory, Germany. It will fit most wrists as it is open and can be squeezed to fit most wrist sizes. Condition is used but good but does show signs of age darkening to the chrome.

Ref: JE3088 . . . £145

Modernist Bangle by Bengel
1930's red galalith and chrome bracelet. Made by the Jakob Bengel company. The inside diameter measures 2.75 inches (7cm) and so will fit a medium to large sized wrist. Condition is used but good.

Ref: JE4835 . . . £175

Robot Cuff Bangle by Bengel
This has to be one of the most stunning bangles I have ever owned, a real Museum piece. I believe it was made in the early 1930's by the Jakob Bengel company. It is made of chromed metal with red and black galalith panels. It measures 2 inches wide and is open at the back to slide it onto the wrist. It will fit most wrists as it can probably be levered open a bit more or squeezed smaller. It is in good used vintage condition. Email me for more pics quoting ref number.

Ref: JE3306 . . . £495

Bengel Bangle
Black galalith and chrome bangle with leaver front lock. The inner hole measures 2.5 inches by 2 inches (6.5cm x 5cm) and will fit a small to medium size wrist. In good vintage used condition.

Ref: JE6615 . . . £135

Rare Bracelet
I am informed that these bracelets were produced by the Bengel Company of Germany and retailed in France by French companies. This is a blue galalith and chrome gate bracelet. This piece has appeared in many deco books. I have been fortunate to have obtained 5 of these bracelets and they are all old unsold stock items. So I can offer this in red, purple, orange and red and black. It measures 1 inch wide by 7 inches long (2.5cm x 17.5cm) and so will fit a small to medium sized wrist. In excellent vintage condition.

Ref: JE5980 . . . £395

Art Deco Bracelet by Bengel
A chunky black and red galalith modernist bracelet. Made by Jakob Bengel company in the early 1930s. Each panel measures a large 1.5 inches high by 1 inch wide (4cm x 2.5cm) and the total length from clasp to clasp is 8 inches (20cm). It will therefore fit a small to medium sized wrist. Condition is very good. I also have a similar necklace to compliment this bracelet available separately.

Ref:JE7505 . . . £395

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