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Jakob Bengel Brooches 3

Brooch by Bengel
Chrome circles brooch with red galalith bead. It measures 1.75 (4cm) in diameter Condition is very good as this is another of my old/new stock items that was never sold and came from the factory, although there is a little age darkening to the chrome but this just adds to its charm.

Ref: JE3499 . . . £125

Brooch by Bengel
Early 1930's blue and orange galalith brooch with fold over chrome casing. It measures approx. 1.5 inches by 1.25 (4cm x 3) and is fitted with a roll safety clasp. Condition is vintage and used but good.

Ref: JE3004 . . . £75

Modernist Brooch by Jakob Bengel
Chrome circles and ball with side section of green marbled galalith. Made in the 1930's in Germany by Jakob Bengel. It measures approx. 1.75 inches wide (4.5cm). In good used condition.

Ref: JE1394 . . . £98

Bar Brooch by Bengel
This bar brooch is made of gilt metal and orange galalith. It was made in the early 1930's by the Jakob Bengel factory for the French company of Fabon. Similar ones can be seen in the Bengel books and also be seen displays in the Bengel Museum in Idar-oberstein Germany. We supplied them with them. This particular one is marked Fabon Paris to the back and still retains its original shop label. I have several of these brooches which are in very good condition as they are new/old stock items. They were stashed by the shop owner when the Nazis invaded Paris during the 2nd world war. Some are signed Fabon and some are not but they are undoubtedly by Bengel. This one measures 2.5 inches (6cm) long and is fitted with a push safety clasp. Very good condition.

Ref: JE4606 . . . £175

Chunky Bengel Dress Clips
Marbled green galalith, yellow Lucite and chrome large dress clips. Each measures 2 inches (5cm) high and has the clip fastener to the back. Designed to be worn either side of the neckline on a dress. Made in the early 1930's by Bengel. In excellent condition.

Ref: JE1480 . . . £145 the pair

Bar Brooch by Bengel
Wonderful modernist green galalith bar brooch with chrome bands. It measures 3 inches (9cm) long. Undoubtedly by Bengel and in good used condition. This brooch is the actual brooch featured in the Art Deco Bakelite book, page 41.

Ref: JE1518 . . . £135

Brooch by Bengel
Green galalith and gilt metal brooch. Made by Bengel in the early 1930s. In good used condition.

Ref: JE7967 . . . £75

Belt Buckle by Bengel
German galalith and chrome art deco belt buckle. Made by Jakob Bengel in the early 1930s. It measures 2.25 inches by 1.75 inches (5.5cm x 4.5cm). Condition is vintage but unused and good.

Ref: JE8380 . . . £98

Bar Brooch by Bengel
Coral art deco galalith and gilt metal brooch. Made by Jakob Bengel. It is fitted with a slide safety clasp and measures 2.25 inches (5.5cm) long. In good vintage used condition.

Ref: JE8381 . . . £98

Bar Brooch by Bengel
Long bar brooch with red and black galalith bar detail. Made by Jakob Bengel in the early 1930s. It measures 4.25 inches (10.5cm) long. In good vintage used condition.

Ref: J3401 . . . £68

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