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Bronzes (Animalier) page 4

Bookends by Marcel Bouraine
These are the famous leaping deer which accompanied the Diana and fawns statue by Marcel Bouraine. These are a pair of silvered bronze bookends. One is signed Bouraine to the leg and both are mounted on verdigris marble bases. They each measure 8 inches long by 3 deep by 9 high (20cm x 7.5 x 23). One of the them has a plaque to the front which reads 'Le Comite de la Semaine du poisson de Dieppe', so we can assume these were a presentation trophy item to someone involved in fishing. Condition is very good with no damage or repairs and the silvering is very good with just a few minor age related marks.

Ref: B295 . . . £3,295

Bronze Panther by Ouline
Smaller green patinated bronze panther by Ouline - signed to the base. I also have a huge bronze panther by Ouline. This one measures 18.5 inches long by 4.25 inches deep by 8 inches high (47cm x 11cm x 20cm). In very good vintage condition with a few expected minor nicks to the base.

Ref: B420 . . . £1,795

Huge Panther by Oulene
This is a very large bronze panther mounted on a stepped black marble base which bears the signature of the sculptor. This panther has a really lovely round cartoon type face and chunky paws. Stamped bronze to his side. Condition is very good with a few minor expected age chips to the massive marble base. A rare and stunning panther. Base measures 30.5 inches by 6.75 inches (78x17cm) and total height is 12 inches (31cm).

Ref: B115 . . . £3,950

Large Bronze Borzois by Carvin
This stunning bronze figure is one of the famous Carvin Borzois Group and has a green-bronze patina and is mounted on a black marble base which measures 24 inches long and 6.25 inches deep. Total height is 13.5 inches (62x16x34cm). Signed in the marble base. Other than a few nibbles to the marble base, condition is exceptionally good. Carvin was one of the top animaliers artists of the period. I also have two other bronze borzois by Carvin.

Ref: B116 . . . £2,400

Gambling Kids in Bronze
This figural group is bronze and is signed by the artist 'Liszkai-Kovats' on the 24 inch (61cm) black marble base. The goats have a green patina.

Ref: F345 . . . £540

Bronze Elephant Vide Poche
Brazilian onyx dish with a bronze stylised elephant. Unsigned but made in Austria. It measures approx. 8 inches wide (20cm). Condition is good but there are some signs of some damage cracks to the dish, which just looks like natural fissures.

Ref: B256 . . . £475

Cubist Panther Group by Daris
French modernist cubist panther and deer group. Signed G. Daris to the bronze. I believe Daris may have been a pseudonym used by Berjean. The animals are bronze and mounted on a black marble base that measures 23 inches long by 3.5 inches deep (58cm x 9cm). The total length of the statue is 26 inches by 11 inches high (66cm x 28cm). Condition is very good with just a few expected age related nicks to the marble.

Ref: B427 . . . £1,195

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