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French Enamel Compact
Red enamel and guilt compact with internal mirror to the lid and separate internal door to cover the powder compartment, which has a mesh, unused from new and still contains it original makers label. Condition is good with some scuffing to the case, but nothing too major.

Ref: J2096 . . . £48

Shagreen Enamel Camera Compact
Multi section shagreen effect enamel camera compact, with section for powder and mirror to the front, and mesh and puff (mirror broken). Powder door has a trigger button to release it. There is a cigarette section to the back and a lipstick holder to one end. It measures 3.75 inches by 2 (9.5cm x 5cm). Condition is very good except for the broken mirror.

Ref: M577 . . . £68

Compact by Hudnut
American Dubarry compact by Richard Hudnut measuring approx. 3 x 2.5 inches with blue, cream and black enamel front with engine turned back. Inner contains rouge and powder in new, unused condition and mirrored lid in extremely good condition with just a few very minor enamel chips and a tiny dent to one corner.

Ref: M1146 . . . £85

Shagreen Compact by Entouka
Wonderful real shagreen circular compact with internal mirror, mesh and puff - although they are well used. Mirror is good and vivid green case is very good. 4 inches in diameter.

Ref: M1147 . . . £120

Watch/Clock Compact
Rare watch compact. To one side is the watch and powder section and to the other is a action for cigarettes. I cannot confirm if the watch is working as I am not an expert. When you press the top button the clock pops up, probably as a travel clock. The compact measures 4 inches by 3.25 inches (10cm x 8cm). Condition is vintage and used and there are a few minor age related chips to the black enamel.

Ref: M3099 . . . £135

Phenolic Cigarette Case
Orange marbled phenolic and diamonte cigarette case. It measures 3 inches by 2.75 inches (7.5cm x 7cm). Condition is good however the lid has warped a little and does not completely shut. Still a really nice item.

Ref: M3359 . . . £78

Camera Compact
Combo camera powder compact with brown and cream enamelling. It has a section for powder, cigarettes and a lipstick holder inserted into the end. Condition is very good with just a couple of minor enamel chips.

Ref: J1762 . . . £95

French Powder Compact
French phenolic powder compact with diamonte and floral lid detail. Inside in new, unused condition is the original puff and mesh. Stamped to the back Made in France and with its original stock number label inside the lid. It measures 2 inches (5cm) in diameter and in good vintage condition.

Ref: M4335 . . . £98

New/Old Stock Compact
1930's cream and black enamel compact, old stock from a shop in Germany that was never sold, so it is in unused condition and ideal for use. Inside is a mirror to the lid with no puff or mesh. It measures approx. 3 inches (7.5cm) in diameter. I have several similar compacts on offer.

Ref: JE2524 . . . £48

Dance Purse with Galalith Dog
Amazing 1920's dance accessory with a corded dogs head made of carved galalith with rhinestone eyes. Concealed under the tassel there is a bakelite rouge holder with a mirrored lid and a lipstick holder. Whole items measures approx. 14 inches (36cm) high. Condition is very good. A rare find.

Ref: M1535 . . . £265

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