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Celluloid Powder Box
Made of celluloid with a picture of a crinoline lady and man to the lid. Condition is good with some signs of aging to the picture and case.

Ref: J293 . . . £25

Combo Camera Compact
Green and yellow enamel multi camera compact. Inside there is a mirror to the lid, a mesh and puff. To the back is a ciggy section with a separate door and to the end is a lipstick holder with tassel. It measures 4 inches by 2 (10 x 5). Condition is good and the mesh and puff are unused but there are a few chips to the enamel on the ends.

Ref: J564 . . . £65

Enamel Camera Compact
Multi section blue enamel and grey camera compact. With section for powder and mirror to the front, with mesh and puff (unused). There is a cigarette section to the back and a lipstick holder with tassel to one end. It measures 3.75 inches by 2 (9.5cm x 5cm). Condition is good a few tiny enamel and areas of enamel loss, but nothing too major.

Ref: J570 . . . £68

Combo Compact
Black enamel compact/cigarette case. One end was made to hold cigarettes and the other is a powder compact, complete with mirror, mesh and puff. In used condition with a few minor enamel chips. It measures approx. 6.25 inches by 3.25 inches.

Ref: M1378 . . . £58

Handbag Cigarette Case
Chromed metal cigarette case in the form of a ladies clutch bag, the top flips open. It measures 4 inches by by 3.25 inches (10cm x 8cm). Condition is vintage and used but good.

Ref: M3431 . . . £98

Art Deco Odillon Compact
Navy blue leather with a metal odillon mount. It measures 3.25 inches by 3 inches (8cm x 7.5cm). Inside is a mirror and a mech and a puff). In good used condition.

Ref: M3560 . . . £135

French Art Deco Powder Compact by Piver
Green enamel compact, made by Piver of Paris and signed to the rim. Inside is an unused mesh and the inside lid is shiny metal to see yourself in. It measures 3 inches (7.5cm) in diameter. Condition is vintage with a few tiny enamel chips to the back but unused.

Ref: M4625 . . . £98

Austrian Compact
The Super Flapjack - an Austrian leather effect compact with its original powder puff, mirror and lipstick holder. The inscription inside is The Super Flapjack Made in Austria. A chromed circular lever releases the lid and pushes the lipstick out at the end. It measures 4 inches (10cm) x 2.75 inches (6.5cm). In good condition with just a few age related marks.

Ref: JE2239 . . . £95

Notepad and Holder
A chromed metal notepad holder with some its original notepad with a few pages missing. A small dent under the word Notes on the front otherwise very good condition. More paper could be added when required.

Ref: M1593 . . . £34

Minaudiere Handbag compact by Entouka
Large art deco cream enamel multi compact. With marred inside lid a cigarette compartment and a lipstick holder with a separate compartment for powder and refuge. The powder section is unused and the compact in very good condition. It measures 5 inches by 3.25 inches (12.5cm x 8cm). In really good vintage condition.

Ref: J3249 . . . £165

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