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Monk Flacons Liquers by Robj of Paris
Ceramic liquer bottle in the shape of a monk measuring 10.5 inches (27cm) high. Condition is very good apart from his hat/cork stopper which has suffered some damage and been poorly repaired. Hence £295

Ref: CH698 . . . £295

Robj style Flacon Liquer
Lovely ceramic pierotte - very Robj in style but unsigned, measuring 10.5 inches high (27cm) and with his hat as the stopper. These flacons were designed as liquer bottles and Robj made a whole series of them modelled as people in different costumes. Condition is good.

Ref: CH739 . . . £365

Golfer Flacon by Bastard
Beautifully hand painted ceramic golfer liqueur bottle. This is one of the sportsman series which was produced by Limoge and designed by Bastard. However, this one is stamped Germany underneath and perhaps made during the German occupation of France? I would be interested in any information if anyone knows why this piece is stamped Germany. He measures 10.5 inches tall and his head is the cork stopper. I have several of these Bastard bottles which are rare and highly valued. I have seen them fetch as much as 1200 euros for a single bottle. Condition is very good although the cork is swollen and so his head does not go into his neck completely.
I also have the larger version of this figure which is 12 inches high.

Ref: CH1106 . . . £695

Duck Decanter by Goebel
Lovely German ceramic liquer decanter bottle, marked Goebel to the base and in very good condition. 12 inches (31cm) high.

Ref: CH782 . . . £295

Limoge Flacon by Bastard
This unusual and rare comical flacon (bottle) was designed by P. Bastard and modelled on a comic series by Margerie. This is one of several made with a sports theme, and others in the set were cyclist, golfer, boating and boxing themed. Margerie also designed items for Robj of Paris. Strangely, this one bears the markings of Limoge and P. Dunque and is therefore a bit of a mystery. Condition is very good with just a small firing mark to the inner neck. A rare piece.
I also have the golfer (CH1111) by Bastard. Please ask for pics quoting the reference number.

Ref: CH791 . . . £895

Penguin Bottle
Ceramic penguin liqueur bottle designed by Geo Conde for the St. Clement company, measuring 11.25 inches (29cm) high and is CK and SC model number 735, France. Condition is very good.

Ref: CH867 . . . £275

Large Penguin Liquour Bottle
Large ceramic bottle made in the USA and measuring 13 inches high. The corked hat removes to open the bottle. Very good condition.

Ref: CH1087 . . . £275

The Waiter by Bastard
French ceramic flacon bottle with pull out head stopper. Signed underneath F. Bastard editor Paris Made in France. He measures 9.5 inches (24cm) high. Condition is good

Ref: CH1521 . . . £895

Rare Flacon and Plate by Rene Herbst
A rare art deco decanter (flacon) and plate designed by Rene Herbst for the French wine merchants - Cusenier. Signed to the bases of both pieces with RH the monogram for Rene Herbst. The bottle measures 11 inches (28cm) high and has its original stopper intact. To complete this set is a large bread plate that measures 12.5 inches in diameter (32cm). It is very unusual to get both pieces still together. See Bonhams sale - Design from 1860, 17th November 2010 lot number 110 where the bottle alone sold for £600. Condition is very good with just a bit of wear to the red glaze on the bread plate.

Ref: CH1566 . . . £665 the pair

Dutchman Biscuit Box by Lutece
Rare white terracotta biscuit box in the form of a stylised dutchman. Signed Lutece, France to the base. He measures 8 inches high (20cm). The top half of his body lifts off to open the box. Condition is very good with one small nick to the underside of his upper arm section.

Ref: OF146 . . . £595

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