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Clown Banjo Player Flacon By Goebel
Hand painted ceramic cubist Banjo player liqueur bottle. Made in the 1930's by the German company of Goebel and marked under the base with their black stamp and model number 851. It measures 8 inches (20cm) high to the top of the removable head stopper. Condition is very good.

Ref: CH1074 . . . £265

Doorman Liquer Bottle
Ceramic door man bottle, made in Germany in the 1920's. Nicely hand painted and measuring 9 inches (23cm) high. Good original condition with original cork stopper hat.

Ref: CH1079 . . . £265

Flacon Liquor by Robj
This comical ceramic bottle was made by the French company of Robj during the 1920's. This is the School Teacher. He measures 10 inches (25cm) high and is beautifully hand painted, and still retains his hat stopper. Condition is very good. Signed Robj, Paris. Made in France, to the underneath.

Ref: CH673 . . . £595

Guignolet Flacon by Robj
Another of my French Robj flacon liquer bottles. Her name is Guignoletand she is model number 238 and can be viewed in the Robj book on pages 109 and 207. She is signed Robj Paris Made in France to the base and measures 10 inches tall (25.5cm). Condition is very good with a little minor loss to the cork in her hat.

Ref: CH1176 . . . £585

Uncle Sam Flacon
Beautifully hand painted ceramic flacon bottle made by the Aladin company in the early 1930's. It measures a large 12 inches (30cm) high and is in excellent condition. A rare find.

Ref: CH1247 . . . £695

Robj style Flacon
Robj style faience columbine flacon (decanter bottle). Beautifully hand painted in muted satin blue and grey. Unknown artist but there is an indistinct marking under the base. She measures 10 inches (26cm) high. Her hat is removable and has a cork attached to it. Condition is good but there are cracks to the hat stopper. A very rare piece that I have never seen before.

Ref: CH1248 . . . £595

Bird Jug by Sandoz
A wonderful and well known ceramic bird jug - this the larger version measuring 11.5 inches high (29cm). Made by Theodore Haviland, Limoges, France and designed by Sandoz, bears a full set of markings to the base and the neck and both pieces signed Sandoz. Condition is good.

Ref: CH1038 . . . £745

Matador Flacon by Erte
Fabulous French ceramic flacon (bottle) of a matador with a metal hat (stopper). He measures 10.5 inches (26cm) tall. The metal hat stopper has a cork base and he is signed Erte to the bottom right front. Condition is very good.

Ref: CH1314 . . . £395

Cognac Flacon
Ceramic man bottle, marked Cognac to his stetson hat. He measures 13.5 inches high (34cm) and is I believe French but American themed. Maker unknown as unmarked. Condition is vintage and used but good, however there is one small chip to the back brim of his hat.

Ref: CH1351 . . . £195

Rare Bastard Flacon
This very rare French hand painted ceramic Flacon (bottle) was designed by Bastard in the late 1920s. Bastard made a series of sports flacons - I have never had this one before and it is the rarest of the boxers as it is the black one. His head is the stopper for the bottle. I also have the white boxer from this sports series and 2 Golfers in different sizes, a jockey, clown and a waiter. Bastard was a designer for Robj. Marked under the base - J. Bastard, Edituer Paris France. He measures 10.5 inches tall (26.5cm). Condition is good with just a small chip to the edge of his neck on the stopper - it may even be there from new.

Ref: CH1531 . . . £995

Rare Art Deco Flacon by Bastard
French Art Deco 1920s flacon (bottle) clown with a croquet stick. Marked to the base B&C Limogue France (Bernard Aud and Cie). Designed by Bastard - I have several of these rare Bastard flacons for sale. They are now proving almost impossible to find. He measures approx 13 inches (33cm) tall. In excellent condition with damage or repairs.

Ref: CH1730 . . . £1095


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