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Egyptian Perfume Lamp
Lovely ceramic lady night light/perfume lamp, beautifully hand painted. Unsigned but I believe by Heubach of Germany. Condition is good with some minor wear to the gilding on the snake.

Ref: CH945 . . . £565

Ceramic Perfume Lamps
A beautiful pair of hand painted ceramic perfume lamps in the form of a pair of clowns looking at each other comically. Unmarked but possibly Limoge. Each measures 7.5 inches high and in very good condition with just some wear to the silvering. Also I have noticed some marks to the neck of one which may be the result of a restoration, but barely noticeable. Both have the holes for a bulb holder and wiring, but the original parts are missing.

Ref: CH1107 . . . £595 pair

Limoge Night Light by Lagrare
A wonderful ceramic night light in the form of a Pierot and moon face. Marked to the base, Limoge, France, Lagrare and initialed. There are two holes to the reverse for the bulb holder and wire. I imagine it would have looked wonderful when lit as light would have been emitted from the eyes and mouth of the moon. Condition is very good with just a couple of small firing marks under the base on the edges of the holes, from new. Total height is 7.5 inches.

Ref: CH1109 . . . £495

German Night Light
Ceramic night light of an Eastern boy with glass google eyes. It is stamped to the back with a number and Germany. Beautifully h and painted and measures 7.5 inches (19cm) high. Condition is very good. No bulb fittings.

Ref: CH1291 . . . £295

Dux style Candle Dish
Contemporary ceramic boy dish in the style of Royal Dux. He measures 8 inches tall (21cm) and is as new.

Ref: CH962 . . . £48

Arabian Nights Limogue Night Light
Stunning French ceramic night light, signed Limogue and Amelin. It no longer retains its lamp fitting but one could easily be fitted to the holes in the back of the base area. 12.5 inches tall (32cm). Good condition, having two small nicks to the back edges of the mans collar.

Ref: CH1119 . . . £295

Robj Style Perfume Lamp
Lovely French ceramic perfume lamp, unsigned but probably by Robj. It measures approx. 8 inches (20cm) high and there are the remnants of some kind of makers mark underneath. Condition is very good with some wear to the gilding, mainly on the man's hair.

Ref: CH1044 . . . £595

Egyptian Dancer Night Light by Heubach
Ceramic Egyptian dancer night light, signed Aladin and Heubach. I do not know the reason for this as Heubach was German and famous for producing dolls. This piece has the more fine ceramic finish I would associate with Aladin pieces so I can only presume it is a joint piece made by the two companies. She is however beautiful and hand painted and measures 12 inches tall (31cm). In very good condition but may have had some restoration to her little finger on her left hand. Probably originally a perfume lamp as there is a hole in the top of her jar for the perfume oil. This particular dancer was one of a group of 16 dancers made.

Ref: CH1133 . . . £545

Night Lights by La Maitrise
A pair of rare and large hand painted French ceramic Lovers night lights. See below for details.

Ref: CH1134 and CH1135 . . . £795 each

La Pavane Night Light by Leyritz / Ayme
Beautiful large French ceramic theatrical dancers night light hand painted in navy and gold. It measures 10 inches high by 10 wide (22cm) and is signed to the side and to the base La Maitrise and Ayme. I have a print of the 1926 Art Decoratifs studio book, which dates this rare piece to 1926. It also says La Pavane designed by Leyritz and executed by Atelier de la Maitrise, Paris. So I do not know if Ayme was a pseudonym used by Leyritz. This is one of a collection of night and perfume lamps recently purchased. I actually have two of this same lamp, the other is CH1135 (see below). It is not currently fitted with a wire or bulb holder. Condition is very good.

Ref: CH1134 . . . £795

Pierrot Lamp by Aladin
A large French ceramic nightlight of a Pierrot, signed under the base Aladin Luxe and Made in France. It measures 10.5 inches (27cm) wide, 11 inches (28cm) high and 6.5 inches (17cm) deep. Beautifully hand painted and in good condition with just a couple of age related marks and its original bulb holder which lights up the pierrot and the window behind.

Ref: CH1525 . . . £795

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