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Ceramic Vases and Jugs page 13

Age of Jazz Jug
English ceramic jug made by the Royal Art Potteries in the late 1920's. Marked to the base Made, I also have this same jug in a blue and a pink colourway. The base is marked made in England. It measures 9.5 inches (24cm) high and other than a couple of small flakes of paint missing it is in very good vintage condition.

Ref: CH203 . . . £285

Pair of Geometric Vases
A pair of French ceramic vases with black and silver geometric design. Each measures 11.5 inches high (29cm). They are unmarked but probably by Odyv. Condition is good but one has a slight fading to the silver on one panel and the other has a slight indentation to the body from new and under glaze. A rare find.

Ref: CH1212 . . . Reserved

Balloons Vase
Large contemporary European pearlised vase with stencil and hand painted detail of a girl holding balloons. Ovular form and measuring 11 inches wide and 10 inches tall. Marked to the base L & V Ceram and made by Keralouve. Condition is very good.

Ref: CH1228 . . . £175

Rare Orchies Flapper Vase
French faience crackleglaze enamelled vase with hand painted flappers (x4) around the outside with other hand painted detail. Marked with the early Orchies signature to the base. In very good original condition with just one small dink to the rim, hardly worth a mention. 8 inches (20cm) high.

Ref: CH1258 . . . £545

Keramis Vase by Catteau
Rare and unusual colourway vase with matt brown glaze and pink floral patterning. Made by the Belgian company of Boch Keramis and designed by Charles Catteau. Marked to the base D1449, Gres Keramis, Keramis made in Belgium and it dates to 1931. It measures 9 inches high (23cm) and is a rare pattern. Condition is vintage but very good.

Ref: CH1270 . . . £295

Bronze Mounted Pot by Andre Villien
Andre Villien was a bronze artist who worked in conjunction with Louise Dage (among others). He produced top quality items like this little pot which is signed Villien to the base. The pot measures 5 inches in diameter by 3.25 inches high (12.5cm x 8cm). In good vintage condition but with one internal glaze crack to the edge.

Ref: CH1463 . . . £195

Vase by Orchies
A French crackle glaze, hand painted tapering vase measuring 12 inches (30cm) tall. Marked to the base, Orchies, France and the usual windmill logo, plus it still bears the original retailers label. Very good condition.

Ref: CH1476 . . . £565

Large Vase by Boch Freres
Hand painted large vase, made in 1928 by the Boch Freres company. Stamped to the base Boch Fres and bearing the model number D1173 and shape 262. It measures a large 16.5 inches (42cm) high. Condition is good but there is one small edge chip to the base rim which may possibly have been there from new. Email me for more pics quoting ref number.

Ref: CH1480 . . . £695

Art Deco vase
English hand painted ceramic fluted footed vase. Unsigned but by Myott. It measures 8.25 inches (21cm) high by 5.75 (14.5cm) Inches wide at the top. very good condition.

Ref: MCH001 . . . £88

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