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Large Elephant Vase
This is a large contemporary vase made in the style of the Belgian Boch Keramis originals of the 1930's. They each measure 11.5 inches tall (30cm). Condition is excellent. I also have this vase in black and green. I can supply in pairs if required. The black and green version were recently hired by ITV for filming of the next Poirot series.

Ref: CH1020 . . . £135 each

Giant Birds Vase
This wonderful, huge contemporary ceramic vase measures approx. 11 x 12 inches and is similar in style to the famous and highly sought after Boch Keramis ball vase. Signed underneath, Keralouve, Lalouviere. Condition is excellent. Other colours may be available. Only one left in this colour.

Ref: CH1004 . . . £145

Woods Tall Vase
A 9 inch tall vase, hand painted with silver banding. 2 fine hairlines and a small chip to the base.

Ref: CH1207 . . . £58

Crackle Vase by Orchies
French ceramic crackle glaze vase, signed Orchies to the base and model number 101. With high enamel hand painted patterning in green, yellow and turquoise. It measures 8 inches high (20cm). Condition is good with one slither chip to the bottom edge of the rim which is barely visible from the side and may have been there from new.

Ref: CH1315 . . . £495

Rare Huge Galleon Ball Vase
French crackle glaze ball vase measuring 12.5 inches (32cm) with wave handles and cut out silhouette galleon to the centre. Unsigned but probably either Odyv or Orchies. Condition is very good with one light glaze mark to one side.

Ref: CH1317 . . . £765

Vase by Orchies
French ceramic crackle glaze baluster vase of bulbous form. High glaze hand painted enamel stylised floral patterning. It measures approximately 9.5 inches (24cm) high. Marked Orchies 900 to the base and signed F. Martinachs. In good vintage condition.

Ref: CH1319 . . . £575

Modernist Vase by Boch
Model number 944 stamped Boch under the base. It measures 12.5 inches (32cm) high. In good vintage used condition.

Ref: CH1430 . . . £535

Phoenix Syrian Vases
Pair of English Phoenix Syrian vases. Beautifully hand painted, they each measure 9.25 inches high sand the top measures 4.5 inches square (23.5 cm x 11.5cm). Condition is good, one is perfect and the other has two small hairline cracks to the rim of the flared base (but they are very sound).

Ref: CH1512 . . . £495 the pair

French Vase by Moderna
Mottled 2-tone blue drip glaze ceramic vase with bronze base ring and top ring with attached bronze floral deco motif. Very good condition with just two minor areas of glaze loss primarily behind the bronze floral emblem. The top ring and emblem is just loosely fitted to the vase rim and not fixed. The matching bottom ring is fixed. It measures 12 inches (30cm) high. Signed Moderna to the leafs of the bronze rose mount.

Ref: CH1643 . . . £395

Large Harlequin Vase by Orchies
A large French 1920s hand painted crackle glaze vase of a dancing harlequin by Orchies. Of baluster form with high enamel detail, typical of Orchies. Hand signed under the base Orchies with the windmill mark, model number 2000 and stamped made in France. In excellent condition.

Ref: CH1775 . . . £1,195

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