Ceramic Vases and Jugs 5
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Ceramic Vases and Jugs page 5

Amphora Vase
A pretty 9 inch ( 23cm) Czech vase with high gloss enamel stylised floral detail in relief and sponged stone background. Marked Amphora to the base and in excellent condition.

Ref: CH655 . . . £120

Large Amphora Jug Vase
A ceramic vase measuring 17 inches high and brightly decorated. Signed Amphora to the base and also still bearing its original retailers sticker from Lille, France. Perfect condition.

Ref: CH678 . . . £265

Arthur Woods Flower Basket
A large hand painted flower basket with silver banding and spiders web. Measures 10 inches wide and 7 inches high. Good condition with some slight paint loss.

Ref: CH1198 . . . £68

Unusual Studio Vases
Two brightly hand painted but very stylish earthenware vases made in Belgium during the 1930's and each measuring 7.5 inches (19cm) high and with a diameter at the top of 6 inches (15cm). Each is crudely but stylistically hand painted with an animal and geometric design. Initialed by the artist A.D. (I was told the artist but have forgotten). All in good condition. £48 each
Only the two left ones still available.

Ref: CH683 . . . £48 CH684 . . . £48 CH685 . . . SOLD CH686 . . . SOLD or £185 the set

Amphora Bird Vases
A matching pair of vases, with all the Amphora marks to the base and nicely enamel decorated with birds. In excellent condition. 6.5 inches high (16cm).

Ref: CH665 . . . £145 the pair

3-Piece Vase Set
Lovely English 3-piece set, beautifully hand painted by Royal Falcon (Hanley) Ware. Larger vases each measure 9 inches (23cm) high and are all stamped by the maker underneath. Very unusual to get a set of 3 together and in excellent condition.

Ref: CH696 . . . £165 the set

Modernist Vase by Boch Freres
Rare Boch Freres vase in black glaze with stylised gilt and silvered floral patterning. Inside painted in a brick orange glaze. Model number 1204, stamped Boch Fres to the base. It measures 5 inches high by 6 inches in diameter (12.5cm x 15cm). Condition is very good.

Ref: CH1486 . . . £295

Huge Vase by Guiraud Vallauris
A large French hand painted terracotta studio vase, signed by the artist to the base and the side. It measures 11 inches diameter by 9 inches high (28cm x 23cm). In good condition with just a couple of small paint losses.

Ref: CH1490 . . . £495

Geometric Vase by Odyv
French ceramic vase by the Odyv company with pale blue ground and silver geometric patterning. It measures approx. 11 inches (28cm) tall and is marked ODYV and model number 274 under the base. Condition is very good.

Ref: CH1530 . . . £395

French Art Deco Vase by Odyv
Navy blue and gold Art Deco ceramic vase by the Odyv company. Signed to the base. It measures 11 inches high and has a 5.5 inch diameter (28cm x 14cm). Condition is not perfect as there is a small but solid hairline crack to the top rim edge. Email me for more pics.

Ref: CH1735 . . . £135

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