Ceramic Vases and Jugs 6
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Ceramic Vases and Jugs page 6

Arthur Woods Jug/Vase
An Arthur Woods hand painted floral jug or vase. Measures 9 inches (23cm). Good condition.

Ref: CH1200 . . . £58

Faience Vase for Belgium
High glaze navy blue and silvered vase, stamped to the bottom Fabrique en Belgique, with a stamped mark which is indistinct. In excellent condition. 7 inches high (18cm).

Ref: CH690 . . . £120

Pair of Luneville Vases
These French vases are beautiful, measure a large 13.5 inches high and are in excellent condition. Luneville was a French ceramics company operating during the 1920s when these vases were made. Luneville later joined with the St Clement factory. Signed Pergola, P+G Luneville.

Ref: CH710 . . . £450 pair

Elephants Vase by Boch Keramis
12 inch (30cm) ceramic vase with embossed elephant and palm tree patterning, marked to the underside Boch La Leuviers, Belgium. In excellent condition - no chips or repairs.

Ref: CH740 . . . £560

Faience Vase by Gallery Lafayette
Wonderful French ceramic Bluebells vase measuring approx. 8 inches (20cm) tall. Marked to the Faiencerre de Lunneville, Grands Magasins Aux Galeries Lafayette, Paris. There is a very small hairline around the base rim.

Ref: CH1105 . . . £185

Boch Ceramic Vase
Lovely Belgian floral pattern vase approximately 9.5 inches high (24cm) and marked to the bottom with its model number and Made in Belgium. It has lovely floral enamelling over a crackle glaze. Condition is very good.

Ref: CH752 . . . £395

Boch Freres Vase
Beautiful 10 inch (24cm) Belgian ceramic vase made in the 1930's by Boch Freres and stamped to the base with Boch motif and model number D2906. Sponged yellow ground glaze with multi coloured stylised tree and floral patterning in high enamel glaze. Inside is a brown sponged glaze. Condition is excellent.

Ref: CH754 . . . £645

Butterfly Vase by Villien
Unusual French sponge glazed terracotta vase by Louis Dage and the chromed metal wing handles by Andre Villein and signed indistinctly to the base. It measures approximately 12 inches (30cm) high and 12 inches wide (t.b.c.). In excellent condition.

Ref: CH1468 . . . £595

Rare Vase by Mougin Nancy
Large French ceramic vase highly sought after and made by the Mougin brothers of Nancy. Joseph Mougin (1876 - 1961) and his brother Pierre were French sculptural artists and ceramists known for their innovative art nouveau and art deco designs. They worked in Nancy producing their own items and items for other artists. This vase would have been made in 1916 before the company moved to Luneville. It depicts 2 pierrot figures playing mandolins and to the back it shows the back views of the same figures. The vase measures 14 inches (36cm) high. It is marked under the base - Mougin Nancy and numbered 259J and Legrand. de. There is also an indistinct pencil signature. In excellent vintage condition with no damage or repairs.

Ref: CH1626 . . . £895

Signed Ball Vases by Orchies
A pair of French art deco crackle glaze ceramic ball vases on tripod legs, made by Orchies in the late 1920s. In a rare checkerboard and stylised floral hand painted patterning. Hand signed - J. Martinache to the side and Orchies with the windmill, and France to the base. It measures 7.5 inches in diameter by 10 inches high (19cm x 25cm). Condition is very good. Its is very rare to find a matching pair.

Ref: CH1769 . . . £1,395 pair

Large Stylised Egyptian Bird Vase by Orchies
A large French flared craquelier vase hand painted in high enamel with an Egyptian themed Isis bird patterning. Hand signed under the base Orchies with the windmill logo. It measures 12 inches high by 8 inches in diameter (30cm x 20cm). Condition is very good.

Ref: CH1776 . . . £785

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