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Craquelier page 2

Crackle Glaze Lion by Le Jan
This powerful craquelier lion was designed by Le Jan for the Peugeot Motor Car Company in 1934 and was sold by the Peugeot agencies. He measures a large 17.5 inches by 10 inches (44x25cm) and is in excellent condition. Similar can be viewed on page 117 of the Dieren Book and on page 53 of the Craqueles book. Condition is good with a chip to one end of the base.
Recently hired by ITV for filming of the next Poirot series.

Ref: CH722 . . . £295

Crackle Glaze Deer by St. Clement
Duo-tone ceramic leaping deer by the French faience company of St. Clement, measuring approx. 11 x 11 inches (28m) and marked with makers name. Good condition but with just a few minor pin chips to the base.

Ref: CH755 . . . £120

Elephant by Lemanceau
French duo-tone, geometric, ceramic Elephant by Lemanceau. Quite a rare piece and unfortunately not in the best of conditions. He has several small chips to the glaze and one toe nail, one ear and his tummy all have chips. 9 inches wide and 7 inches high (23x18cm). Priced accordingly at £165

Ref: CH776 . . . £165

Sevres Sea Lion
French Sevres Sealion A Bisque Sevres Sealion with impressed Perranti-Harts to the top of the base, and indistinctly monogramed to the side. 6.5 inches/17cm high.

Ref: M70 . . . £195

Ceramic Deer Ashtray by Lemanceau
Dark green glazed ceramic baby deer statuary ashtray by Lemanceau. 8 inches tall (20cm). Good condition.

Ref: CH1117 . . . £85

Ceramic Gazelle by St Clement
Dark green glazed ceramic Gazelle, produced by the St Clement factory and probably designed by Lemanceau. 9 inches tall (23cm). Good condition.

Ref: CH1118 . . . £95

Leaping Deer Group by Odyv
A French waxed glaze finish, 3 deer group by Odyv, signed under the base. 20 inches long, 10 inches high by 3.5 inches deep. Excellent condition with just one ear tip unglazed.

Ref: CH1120 . . . £295

Signed Limoge Cubist Rabbit
Stylish French crackle glaze cubist rabbit designed and signed by Beauvais, with impressed signature to base and marked Kaza underneath. Good condition with just a couple of tiny chips to the edge of the base.

Ref: CH969 . . . £285

Craquelier Deer by Le Jan
Large French craquelier signed Le Jan to the end of the base. It measures 24 inches long by 5 inches deep by 14 inches high (61cm x 13cm x 36cm). In very good condition.

Ref: CH1488 . . . £395

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