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Scotty Dog Desk Calendar
Tortoise shell phenolic base with chrome dog and desk calendar. Base measures 4.75 inches long (12cm) and the height is 2 inches (12 x 5cm). Condition is vintage but good with a few age spots to the chrome.

Ref: M2436 . . . £125

Business Card Holder
Phenolic green, black and red business card holder tray. It measures 5 inches by 2.25 (12.5cm x 5.5). In very good vintage condition.

Ref: M2429 . . . £98

Business Card Holders
Two phenolic business card holders each measuring 4 inches (10cm) wide and in good original condition. One is all in red and is £58
The other is in yellow with black wheels and yellow marbled ends, which is £78.

Ref: M2205 and M2206 . . . £58 and £78

Phenolic Desk Set
French green phenolic fan shaped desk set. Holds an ink pot and pen. Beautifully hand painted detail. It measures 6 inches (15cm) wide. In good vintage condition although the lid does not now fit snuggly.

Ref: M2297 . . . £135

Nutbird Trinket Dish
Nutbird with nut body and head and red phenolic beak and glass eyes. Mounted on an octagonal wooden base with a black glass insert trinket dish. It measures 4.5 inches in diameter by 4.5 (11.5cm) high. In good vintage condition.

Ref: M2335 . . . £78

Nutbird Trinket Dish
Whacky long bodied nut bird with glass eyes, green phenolic beak and yellow feet. He measures 5.5 inches tall by 8 by 5 wide (14cm x 20 x 13). Condition is vintage but good.

Ref: M2339 . . . £128

Phenolic Pencil
Propelling pencil with a vivid pink phenolic case and chrome engine chased patterning. Original tassel. It measures 3.75 to the end of the pencil and 6 inches including the tassel (9.5cm, 15). Still retains its original lead and propels.

Ref: M2395 . . . £58

Desk Tidy
Rare English phenolic blue and white desk tidy with removable box that measures 3.5 inches square (9cm) and to one side a letter rack. Total measurements are 9.25 inches long by 4 inches deep by 4 inches high (32.5cm x 10cm x 10cm). Condition is vintage but good.

Ref: M3692 . . . £125

Phenolic Letter Rack
Amber phenolic French letter rack. Measures 4.5 inches wide by 3.5 inches deep by 3 inches high (11.5cm x 9cm x 7.5cm). Condition is good.

Ref: M3669 . . . £125

Fish Pin Tray
Phenolic desk tidy / pin tray with stylised Fish. The fish has glass eyes. It measures approx. 3.5 inches wide (9cm). In good condition with one try crack where the screw is under the base.

Ref: M3632 . . . £98

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