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Large Desk Set
French spelter and brazilian onyx desk set, patinated in green and brown. Each piece has the same twin birds theme. The set is big with 7 pieces in all. An inkwell and pen rest, a letter holder, stamp, letter knife, ashtray and even a pair of matching book ends. Condition is excellent and I doubt it has ever been used. It was probably a wedding gift stashed away in a drawer. I can find only one mark on it and that is on the end of one of the bookend bases which has a small bruise to the stone. This set would make the perfect gift for someone special.

Ref: M3002 . . . £1195 the set

Large Desk Set
The roller desk blotter from the set.

Ref: M3002a

Large Desk Set
The letter rack of the set with patinated spelter front piece.

Ref: M3002b

Large Desk Set
The patinated seal/stamp from the set

Ref: M3002c

Large Desk Set
The matching bookends in patinated spelter and brazilian onyx.

Ref: M3002d

Large Desk Set
The pen and ink well tray. Both inkwells retain their original glass liners.

Ref: M3002e

Large Desk Set
. . . and finally the original patinated spelter knife opener.

Ref: M3002f

Duck Inkwell
Orange phenolic duck with red bakelite inkwell holder, sitting on a macular ebony and chrome metal base. Made in France in the late 1920's. Base measures approx. 6 inches by 4 inches (15cm x 10). The duck rocks and pivots on the base and the ink well can be removed. Condition is vintage and very good.

Ref: M2908 . . . £165

Bronze Letter Opener by Marionnes
Fabulous French solid bronze paper knife. It measures a very large 11.25 inches (28.5cm) long and has grape detailing to the handle. Signed A. Marionnes to the blade. It comes in its original suede and silk lined box which is marked Germain Tours to the inside. Condition is excellent and the box is good but does have one hinge adrift to the back.

Ref: M2916 . . . £265

Boxed Desk Set
French phenolic desk set in art deco design and green. Two letter openers and a stamp in their original box from new. The larger letter opener knife measures 9 inches (20cm) long. The box that holds them is 11 inches by 4 inches (28cm x 10cm). Condition is probably unused.

Ref: M4230 . . . £185

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