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Animalier 3

African Elephant
French spelter Elephant, unsigned but by Rochard, with lovely original tan patina and muddy feet, ivorine tusks and mounted on an ovular green onyx and black marble base. Measurements are approximately and from memory - about 17 inches long by 8 deep by 16 high (43cm x 20 x 41), But I can confirm if required. Condition is extremely good.

Ref: F598 . . . £495

Snarling Panther
A mustard patinated prowling panther on a sloping marble base, in good condition with just the usual age related wear and tear to the patina but no apparent damage. Measures 7 inches wide (18cm) 22 inches long (56cm) and 8.5 inches high (21cm).

Ref: F187 . . . £795

Penguin Vide Poch by Becquerel
French spelter penguin designed by Becquerel and standing on a verdigris vide poch marble base and measures 7 inches high (18cm) and the base measures 5.5 inches by 3 inches. (14 x 7.5cm). Unsigned and in very good condition. Bears foundry seal to the back.

Ref: F1393 . . . £285

Toucan Desk Tidy by Franjou
French spelter Toucan holding a nut, this is the larger version and he has glass eyes in typical Moreau style. This is one is however signed Franjou which I believe may have been a pseudonym used by Moreau. It is mounted on a black and white striated marble base that measures 11.25 inches by 7 and the bird has a total height of 5.5 inches (29cm x 18 x 14). The base has a metal pen cup and front pen groove. Condition is very good.

Ref: F1461 . . . £230

Panther Ashtray
A French spelter panther ashtray, stylishly modelled as a panther on rocks drinking from a pool. The base is of alabaster and measures approximately 7.5 inches by 4.5 inches and the panther sits 4 inches high. I also have a pair of bookends using the same panther (F2230). Email me for more pics if required. Condition is good with the usual expected age wear to the patina along his back and a tiny dent to his shoulder. Close up pics available on request.

Ref: F668 . . . £180

Panther by Leduce
French Art Deco spelter panther. A signed piece by Leduce, signed to his back leg.Mounted on a dark Rosso marble base that measures 24 inches long by 7.25 inches deep by 7.5 inches high (61cm x 18.5cm x 19cm). Condition is very good with just a few minor age related scratches to her patina due to age.

Ref: F3078 . . . £795

Small French Panther
French patinated spelter art deco panther. A smaller size mounted on a marble base that measures 9.75 inches long by 4 inches wide by 4.25 inches high (25cm x 10cm x 11cm). Condition is very good.

Ref: F3082 . . . £395

Modernist Fish by Dankarner
A French art deco hand carved macassar angel fish, a signed piece by Dankarner. Chrome metal fins it measures 6.5 inches high by 6 inches long by 4 inches wide (16.5cm x 15cm x 10cm). Condition is excellent.

Ref: M5251 . . . £265

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