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Spelter Male Figures 2

Cipriani - 'L'Echo'
A large French spelter male figure, signed on the base 'Cipriani'. The base is of stepped Portorro marble, 28 inches long and the figure is about 15 inches tall.
There is a connection between Cipriani and J. De Roncourt who both signed this statue and I have had this piece by both artists. Produced in 1935.

Ref: F306 . . . £795

'Le Guetteur' by J. De Roncourt
A French spelter piece of a handsome male figure in customary state of partial undress, and with a lovely bronzed patina mounted on a 24 inch (61cm) black marble base. An unsigned piece by J. de. Roncourt. Made in 1935 according to the original founders catalogue.

Ref: F336 . . . £795

'Retour de Chasse' by Jean Tabes
Return from Hunting by Jean Tabes, made in 1935. A French bronzed spelter man carrying a boar mounted on an onyx and brown marble base. He measures 21 inches wide by 18 inches tall. I have the original founders catalogue showing this piece.

Ref: F260 . . . £475

Spelter Man by J De Roncourt
A French spelter male levering a rock on a 29 inch wide black and sienna marble base. An impressive piece measuring 17 inches tall.

Ref: F257 . . . £595

Rare Austrian Male Striker
A lovely 8.5 inch spelter striker in the style of an Austrian youth in Lederhosen. He is unsigned but looks like the work of J. Lorenzl and a very rare piece. He comes complete with walking stick striker wand which he carries in his back pocket. Condition is very good with a couple of scratch marks where the striker has struck the base.

Ref: F2227 . . . £395

'Age Primitif' by De Roncourt (Chiparus)
This large spelter male hunter is a piece by Demetre Chiparus, only this one is signed J De Roncourt. I have another of the same figure which is signed Chiparus and so can attribute this one to Chiparus. He measures approximately 33 inches long, 24 inches high and 7 inches deep, and condition is very good with a few minor edge nibbles to the marble. An opportunity to own a large affordable Chiparus. Demetre Chiparus was born in Romania on 16th Sept 1886, he later studied, worked and lived in Paris. He studied under A. Mercier and J. Boucher. He exhibited at the Salon in 1914. He is the most famous of the Deco artists and is considered the pioneer of the Art Deco Chryselephantine bronzes technique used during the 1920's and 1930's.
There is a connection between J. De Roncourt and Chiparus as I have had this piece signed by both artists. I can date this to 1935 as I have the original makers brochure - Societe Francaise des Bronzes and Fontes D'Art.

Ref: F803 . . . £1,695

'L'Echo' by Joe De Roncourt
A handsome French spelter figure - this one signed by J.De Roncourt. He has a green bronzed patina and is mounted on a Belgian Black Marble base approximately 27 inches long and standing about 14 inches tall. He is in good condition with a signature on the base.
There is a connection between Cipriani and J. De Roncourt who both signed this statue and I have had this piece by both artists. Produced in 1935.

Ref: F453 . . . £795

The Hunter
A French spelter man and leopard group. This unusual figure of a man wearing enamel black and gold shirt and trousers, with the legs rolled up, a knife in his waistband and holding a shield and chrome spear. The cat appears to be a leopard as it has spots. The whole piece is mounted on an extraordinary 25 inch base of Portorro and brown marble and onyx, with a ziggurat back wall in brown marble and onyx. It measures 17 inches tall and is apparently unsigned. There is a small chip on one end of the base and a few minor age related chips on some base edges, but basically a fine piece in very good original condition. There is a little fading to the skin patination in places.

Ref: F423 . . . £1,145

Alerte by De Roncourt
French bronze patinated spelter male in green loin cloth, an art deco statue by Joe (Jean) de Roncourt and signed to the brown onyx base. The base measures 21.5 inches long by 7 inches deep and the total height of the statue is 14.5 inches to top of his head and a total of 223 inches to tip of his spear (52cm x 17.5cm x 37cm x 37cm). In good vintage condition.

Ref: F1935 . . . £895

The Archer by Mellani
French spelter art deco archer - a signed piece by Salvatore Mellani. Signed to his sash at the back. Mounted on a black marble base which measures 23.5 inches long by 8 inches deep (60cm x 20cm). The total height of the statue is 17.5 inches (45cm). Condition is very good.

Ref: F3052 . . . £945

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