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Spelter Male Figures 3

Embuscade by Max Le Verrier
An art metal brown patinated male statue with stylised art deco hair detail, leaning back holding a spear on a stone base. (I have two of this same figure - the other has a dark green patina - ask for pics of F1916). This one still has the worn remnants of the Le Verrier signature to the back of the base but it is not easily readable. It measures approx 30 inches long by 8.5 inches deep by 12 inches high (76cm x 22cm x 31cm), Condition is vintage and used but good - having just a few expected age related marks to the patina.

Ref: F1960 . . . £2,195

A handsome French man, made of spelter with a bronze patination by either Cipriani or Joe De Roncourt - although apparently unsigned. He is large at 14 inches high and mounted on a canted edge Portorro Extra base which measures 24 inches long and 8.5 inches deep. He is in excellent condition.
There is a connection between Cipriani and J. De Roncourt who both signed this statue and I have had this piece by both artists. Produced in 1935, according to the original makers brochure - Societe Francaise des Bronzes and Fontes D'Art.

Ref: F433 . . . £995

Although this enormous male is unsigned, I am sure it is by Joe De Roncourt. He stands 22 inches tall and is mounted on a 27.5 inch base of maroon marble with chrome bars and curved maroon marble and onyx intersections. Condition is very good.

Ref: F536 . . . £795

Nuart Pierrotte
American white metal, pewter finish, 7 inch pierrotte clown statue, stamped Nuart Creations, USA, in excellent condition.

Ref: F582 . . . £135

'The Hunter' by Uriano
French spelter male hunter in a loin cloth, an unsigned Uriano. He measures approximately 18 inches long by 12.5 high by 5 deep (46cm x 32cm high x 13cm deep). He has a bronzed patina and is mounted on a black marble base. Condition is good.

Ref: F2053 . . . £440

'Belluaire' by J. De Roncourt
Absolutely stunning French spelter man in loin cloth walking his 2 Panthers, as frequently seen around Hyde Park. This is a wonderful, strong powerful statue in true Joe de Roncourt fashion but this one is unsigned (but I have had the signed versions previously). Statues are mounted on a black marble base that measures a huge 32.5 inches long by a massive 9.5 inches deep (83 X 24cm). The total height of the man is 22.5 inches (57cm). All figures have a black patina. Condition is very good with just the usual expected base edge nibbles.
Dated 1935 according to the original Founders catalogue.

Ref: F1477 . . . £1695

Gloire by Pierre Le Faguays
French green patinated art metal statue. This single male version is Gloire and he was designed by Pierre Le Faguays in the late 1920s - early 1930s. He sits 24.5 inches (62cm) high including the black marble base and his laurel leaf he is holding. The base is 6.5 inches wide by 4 inches deep (16cm x 10cm). In very good vintage condition.

Ref: F1790 . . . £1,695

The Archer by Chiparus
Large French male archer by Demetre Chiparus (1886 - 1947). Green patinated spelter mounted on a portorro marble base, signed D H Chiparus to one end. Circa 1925. This same piece can be seen in the Chiparus book. It measures 29 inches long by 24 inches high (74cm x 60.5cm). Condition is very good.

Ref: F1911 . . . £2,495

Embuscade by Max Le Verrier
A French art deco statue by Max Le Verrier called Ambuscade. This is the medium sized one. He is mounted on a stone base which is signed to the back. The base measures 21.5 inches long by 6 inches deep and the total height of the man is 11 inches (22cm x 15cm x 28cm). Condition is very good with just a few age related patina marks as one would expect.

Ref: F1916 . . . £2,195

A large green patinated spelter figure of a pierrot by Le Verrier and signed to the metal base. Condition is commensurate with age, but with some wear to the patina especially where he has been held over the years. He measures approximately 18 inches (46cm) high. I have never seen another one of these figures so he could be quite rare.

Ref: F1943 . . . £2,295

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