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Glass - Vases Page 4

'Grape Harvest' Vase by Schlevogt
An original and stunning small nudes vase in malachite glass measuring 5 inches (13cm) tall. Part of the Ingrid line of glassware produced by Hoffman and Schlevogt in the 1930's and designed by Frantisek Pazourek. Excellent condition.

Ref: G307 . . . £275

Fish Vase by Kaza
French electric blue glass vase with acid etched fish and underwater scene. It measures 7.5 inches (19cm) high. Signed Kaza Franch under the base. Condition is good with just a few minor inner top edge nibbles from use.

Ref: G309 . . . £265

'Dance' by Schlevogt
Fabulous rare red glass vase decorated with 4 ladies around the outside, model number 25531. Made in Czechoslovakia by Schlevogt and designed by Artur Pleva. It measures almost 10 inches (25cm) high. Condition is excellent.

Ref: G492 . . . £745

'Desire' by Schlevogt
Fabulous vintage lapis lazuli glass vase with 4 individual ladies around the outside, all in different poses. It measures 12 inches (30cm) TBC. Condition is excellent. Made and designed in Czechoslovakia by Schlevogt.

Ref: G493 . . . £575

'Summer' by Mucha
Fabulous amethyst vase with etched and enamelled Alphonse Mucha design - Summer from the seasons series. I am not sure when if was made but probably 1980's as the underside is marked FS Czech republic. It measures 12.75 inches tall (33cm). In excellent condition.

Ref: G517 . . . £695

Large Czech Glass Vase
Vintage leaded glass vase with geometric enamelling in dark red and black. Measures 5 inches (13cm) square and 5.5 inches (14cm) high. Condition is very good with just one very small dimple to the enamelling, probably there from new.

Ref: G148 . . . £195

Fuscia Vase by Joma
French yellow glass hand painted enamel vase by Joma. Signed to the bottom front, it measures 11.5 inches tall. Condition is vintage and used but good. The top rim edge has slight nibbling around the edge from use but no cracks or damage.

Ref: G455 . . . £265

Czech Red Enamelled Vase
Vintage leaded glass 3-cornered vase with wing-shaped curved red enamel and etching. Measures 5.5 inches tall and in very good condition.

Ref: G135 . . . £130

Black Glass Vase by Hem
Large grecian style French glass vase with silver detailing. Made in the late 1920's to the early 1930's by Hem and signed to the side. It measures 7.5 inches (19cm) high. Condition is very good with no chips or cracks.

Ref: G457 . . . £665

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