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Shop Mannequin
Life size plaster shop mannequin, half body, made in Belgium and stamped to her waist. In excellent original condition with just a few minor marks. Measures 25 inches (64cm) high. Clothes not included in price.

Ref: M1408 . . . £295

Shop Mannequin
Life size plaster shop mannequin, half body, made in Belgium. In good original condition with just a few minor marks. Measures 28.5 inches (73cm) high. Clothes not included in sale price.

Ref: M1428 . . . £295

Large Mannequin Bust
A pretty lady's bust from the 1930's - measuring a lifesize 26 inches high (66cm) and in good condition with just a few expected minor age related marks.

Ref: M1385 . . . £295

Large Mannequin Bust
French or Belgian plaster bust made in the 1930's and measuring a life size 24 inches (61cm) tall. Painted with a bobbed hair style, and in good original condition with just a few age related marks as you would expect plus a small chip to the front base.

Ref: M1386 . . . £295

Twiggy Mannequin
1960's fibreglass half torso Twiggy/Quant style mannequin. She measures a total height of approx. 31 inches (79cm). And comes with a groovy baker boy plastic hat and matching quant style dress, gloves and a wig and jewellery. Condition is very good with a few minor age related marks and she has to wear the gloves as one hand is cream in colour.

Ref: M1513 . . . £495

Large Mannequin
Large half torso (no arms) mannequin bust. Made of plaster and measuring approx. 30 inches high (76cm). Beautifully hand painted detail. Probably dates to the 1960's or 1970's. In good condition but does show some signs of ageing with some repainting to the hair body and neck. What a stunning mannequin in very space age deco style.

Ref: M3554 . . . £695

Male Mannequin
This handsome male mannequin probably dates to the 1970s, he is made of a hard resin. His height is approx. 6.5 foot, he is the strong silent type. Condition is used and there is cracking to his skin painting and he has a couple of sinks - one to his side and one to the top of his head where he forgot to duck. Still a really nice mannequin.

Ref: M4012 . . . £245

Rare Gallery Lafayette Mannequin
Lightweight resin material mannequin with glass eyes. Made for Gallery Lafayette in the late 1920s. More information to be confirmed.

Ref: M4304 . . . £595

French Mannequin
French plaster half size mannequin dating from the 1940s - 1950s and with the Siegel mark to the base. She has been hand painted and bears the Siegel, Paris sticker to her back. Her arms are removable. Good vintage condition with just some minor restoration. Lots more pictures available. Her approximate size is 49 inches (125cm) high. Siegel was a famous Parisian mannequin designer and shop fittings supplier and their items are now highly sought after.

Ref: M4302 . . . £795

French Art Deco Mannequin
French papier mache and resin mannequin. Dates to the late 1920s and probably by Siegel. In renovated condition with original glass eyes, mounted on a modern chrome metal stand which adjusts up and down. In the lowest position which is also the size of the mannequin she measures - 21 inches high (53cm). When the stand is fully extended she measures 29.5 inches (75cm) high and the width is 14.5 inches (37cm) and the depth is 9.5 inches (24cm). Good condition and when dressed displays very well.

Ref: M5051 . . . £795

Peking Bust by Lindsey B
A plaster bust called Peking, measuring 12 inches (30cm), white with red hand painted lip detail. Signed to the reverse and in very good original condition with just a couple of tiny marks. Comes with its original box. Condition is good but the box is a bit tatty.

Ref: M5188 . . . £295

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