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Male Mannequins
M1388: Harley Sport Shop Mannequin
Handsome male mannequin made in the 1920's and bearing the raised title Harley Sport to the front. He measures 23 inches (58cm) high and signed Novna to the side of the base. Condition is good with just some minor age related marks.

Left: M1389 City Sport Shop Mannequin
Wonderful male shop mannequin, made in France or Belgium. He measures 17.5 inches (44cm) high and has the words City Sport in raised letters to the front of the base and marked Depose to the reverse. Condition is good with just a few minor age related marks.

Ref: M1388 and M1389 . . . £395 each

Shop Mannequin
Plaster shop mannequin first made in the late 1940's but this one may be later, and measuring 27 inches tall (70cm). In good good condition.

Ref: M1429 . . . £295

Shop Mannequin
Pretty female shop mannequin with vivid blue eyes. She measures 25 inches tall (64cm) and is in good original condition.

Ref: M1408 . . . £295

Lifesize Mannequin Head
Lovely male mannequin head with hair, he measures approximately 12 inches high (30cm) and is made of plaster. He was made in the late 1920's - early 1930's and is hand painted. Condition is good with a few expected age related marks and chips but nothing major.

Ref: M1509 . . . £595

Rare French Mannequin
This is a celluloid flat mannequin from a shop and originally used for jewellery display. Beautifully hand painted and dating to the late 1920's. The base is not original and she rests on it at the back and supported only by the black cord around her neck. Condition is good but not perfect having a slight mark to her forehead which looks like touch up to the paint. It was originally held through to the bottom back panel but the base here has now been broken and so no longer holds her upright, hence the black cord. Still a very rare mannequin. She measures 24 inches tall (61cm).

Ref: M1511 . . . £595

Hairdressers Mannequin
Made of plaster in the 1930's with real glass eyes and hair eyelashes. She measures 26 inches tall and condition is good with a few expected age related marks and scuffs.

Ref: M1512 . . . £595

Mannequin Bust
White terracotta hand painted mannequin bust. She measures 12 inches high (30cm). Condition is good with a little age related chipping to her ears.

Ref: M3599 . . . £295

Mannequin Bust
A 1950s bust of cast phenolic material measuring 19 inches (49cm) high. Signed indistinctly to the reverse. Some darkening and age related marks to the finish, mostly to the top of the head and consequently not seen if wearing a hat.

Ref: M3600 . . . £395

French Mannequin
1920s French plaster mannequin bust. Hand painted French art deco mannequin bust. Made of plaster, currently wearing a wig and hat which are not included. She measures 14 inches high (36cm). Condition is good with a few small areas of touch up over the years.

Ref: M4315 . . . £595

Rio by Lindsey B
Fabulous ceramic (Crystacal) biscuit box bust. Made by the Mannequin designer Lindsey B in 1984 - signed and dated to the reverse. Measures 12.5 inches tall (32cm). Lindsey B items are now becoming highly sought after and she is famous for producing space age deco style items. I have many other LB items for sale in my miscellaneous section and you will find info on her in my Information on Sculptures and Artists section. Condition is very good.

Ref: CH1307 . . . £295

French Art Deco Mannequin by Siegel
French plaster shop mannequin with green glass eyes by the Siegel mannequin company, made in the 1930s. It still bears the Siegel makers label to the back. Measures 25.5 inches high (64cm). Condition is good with some old overpainting which is normal for a mannequin thats almost 100 yers old. These original Siegel mannequins are now getting very hard to find and so many were lost during the war years.

Ref: M5249 . . . £795

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