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Lindsey B Peking Jar
A ceramic Peking jar measuring 12 inches (30cm) high in glazed ceramic with detachable lid. Signed to the reverse and in very good original condition as previously unsold. Comes in its original box.

Ref: M4085 . . . £275

Ruby Vase by Lindsey B
A matt glaze Ruby vase by Lindsey B, measuring approximately 11 inches (28cm) high and in excellent condition as previously unsold. Comes in its original box.

Ref: M4088 . . . £145

Ric Vase by Lindsey B
A white ceramic vase measuring approximately 12 inches high (30cm) tbc, and in excellent original condition as never previously sold.

Ref: M4104 . . . £98

Phenolic Dog
A French phenolic or lucite scotty dog ornament, possibly a shop display, measuring 5.75 inches (15cm) high. In good original condition.

Ref: M4265 . . . £185

French Mannequin by Siegel
Beautiful French art deco mannequin, made of plaster signed and stamped Siegel Paris Modele Depose made in France. She measures 22 inches high (56cm). Condition is vintage with a few age related marks as one would expect, just a few chips and touch ins to the paint here and there but nothing drastic.

Ref: M4551 . . . RESERVED

French Art Deco Mannequin Bust by Siegel
French mannequin bust - I believe made by the Siegel company Paris but the sticker has come off. The bust is beautifully hand painted and has red feather hair detail and slots onto a pole base. It measures a total height of 31 inches and the bust itself is approx. 14 inches high (79cm, 36cm). Condition is vintage and used but good but as one would expect there are a few age related marks to the base and a few small ones to the mannequin. The necklace is not included in this sale.

Ref: M4552 . . . £645

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