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Lindsey B Peking Jar
A ceramic Peking jar measuring 12 inches (30cm) high in glazed ceramic with detachable lid. Signed to the reverse and in very good original condition as previously unsold. Comes in its original box.

Ref: M4085 . . . £295

Ruby Vase by Lindsey B
A matt glaze Ruby vase by Lindsey B, measuring approximately 11 inches (28cm) high and in excellent condition as previously unsold. Comes in its original box.

Ref: M4088 . . . £145

Ric Vase by Lindsey B
A white ceramic vase measuring approximately 12 inches high (30cm) tbc, and in excellent original condition as never previously sold. We believe this piece may originally had a head, hence the price.

Ref: M4104 . . . £98

Phenolic Dog
A French phenolic or lucite scotty dog ornament, possibly a shop display, measuring 5.75 inches (15cm) high. In good original condition.

Ref: M4265 . . . £185

French Art Deco Mannequin Bust by Siegel
French mannequin bust - I believe made by the Siegel company Paris but the sticker has come off. The bust is beautifully hand painted and has red feather hair detail and slots onto a pole base. It measures a total height of 31 inches and the bust itself is approx. 14 inches high (79cm, 36cm). Condition is vintage and used but good but as one would expect there are a few age related marks to the base and a few small ones to the mannequin. The necklace is not included in this sale.

Ref: M4552 . . . £645

Le Garcon by Lindsey B
Art Deco style waiter - his name is Le Garcon. He was made and is signed by Lindsey B (Lindsey Balkweill). This model was produced in 3 sizes and this is the middle, waist high version that measures 39 inches (100cm) high, and he holds a tray that is 12 inches (30cm) in diameter. Made of fibreglass in 1984 and signed to the back. In good vintage as new condition as this one was never sold. A rare item now as not many were sold due to the high price when new.

Ref: M5044 . . . £2,995

Art Deco Mannequin by Siegel
French chunky smiling male mannequin, what a cutie! He measures approx 30 inches high (76cm). In beautiful vintage condition - he even has a 6 pack! Made by the Siegel mannequin company Paris in the 1930s and bears a Siegel label under the base. Condition is very good with just a couple of small age related marks. They rarely show up in such good condition.

Ref: M5046 . . . £995

Advertising Mannequin
French art deco advertising mannequin. An original heavy plaster piece - Pour les fines bouches (for fine mouths) an advertisement for Jacques le super chocolat. Signed Novitta to the base. It measures 19 inches high by 12 inches wide by 4.5 inched deep (48cm x 30cm x 11.5cm). Condition is good but it has had a few age related repairs.

Ref: M5048 . . . £645

French Advertising Mannequin
French Art Deco advertising mannequin bust. Vita Pointe advert advertising no more dry hair. (Plus de ninths abnees plus decheveux secs) or something similar - its difficult to read. Presumably originally from a hair salon. In good vintage condition with a few minor nicks due to age. It measures 13.5 inches high by 8.5 inches wide by 2.75 inches deep (34cm x 22cm x 7cm).

Ref: M5136 . . . £395

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