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Medals and Mascots 2

Car Mascot by Bouraine
French art deco silvered bronze stylised car mascot of a bird flying over clouds. Signed to the bronze base M. Bouraine. It measures 4 inches square to the verdure marble base it is mount4d on (10cm) and the total height is 6 inches (15cm). Condition is very good but with some circular indentations to the base.

Ref: B530 . . . £895

French Musketeer Car Mascot
A rare French chromed bronze art deco car mascot modelled as a cubist 2 dimensional musketeer. Stamped with a foundry stamp - Pratt and Joseph Paris and numbered 106. Mounted on an onyx marble base that measures 4 inches in diameter and the total height is 5 inches (12.5cm). Condition is used but very good with just a few expected age related marks. A very rare find.

Ref: F3016 . . . £495

'Sadi' Le Verrier Car Mascot
A small 7 inch (18cm) high, green patinated spelter figure, called Sadi, and mounted on a verdigris marble base measuring 3.25 inches square (8cm). Signed in the metal base and in excellent condition. Designed as a car mascot in the 1930's.

Ref: F961 . . . £495

Pontiac Super Chief Car Mascot
Phenolic and chrome Pontiac chief car mascot. Made as a light up mascot in the late 1940's. Now mounted on a black wooden base. It measures approximately 6 inches by 5. Condition is good but the head dress has been subject to some re painting. I also have this same mascot in an original box and unused. (Email me for pics of M2202).

Ref: M2175 . . . £395

Illuminated Car Mascot
Amazing 1940's illuminated Indian Super-Chief car mascot. Made presumably for a Pontiac, hence the Indian theme. It comes in its original box and has never been used! The box describes it as "beautiful plastic and brilliant chrome, hood and radiator ornament". Made by Blackstone Mfg. Co. Chicago. The mascot measures 4.5 inches by 4.5 (11cm). Condition is as new with a little darkening to the chrome, and the box has a rip to one corner and a small hole at the back.

Ref: M2202 . . . £495

Diving Medallion
Large metal diving medallion. Measures 2.25 inches in diameter (5.5cm). In good un engraved condition.

Ref: M2952 . . . £98

Les Vieux Du Volant by Perot
A rare enamelled metal plaque, probably originally a car badge, titled Les Vieux Du Volant and signed Perot. It is dated 1914 and stamped 1330, possibly a rally badge. Very stylised and geometric, it measures 4 inches tall by 3.25 wide (10cm x 8). Condition is vintage and used with some wear to the navy enamelling and some minor wear to the silvering of the patina. Would look fabulous if framed.

Ref: M3004 . . . £395

Rare Number Plate Topper
A rare first edition metal number plate topper from the USA, featuring the marlin with the original sprung eyeball - apparently this identifies it as a first edition and dates it to 1948. The attached number plate from the Sunshine State is included in the price. The topper measures approximately 12.5 inches (32cm) wide. Very good condition with no damage but some slight paint loss to the letter H. The original wing nut is still attached to the eyeball bolt.

Ref: M4215 . . . £595

Eagle Car Mascot
American eagle car mascot in chromed metal. I do not know what car it was made for but it dates to the 1930s. It is an old unsold stock item which was never used on a car so the condition is very good. It is currently mounted on a marble base. It measures 5.75 inches high by 6 inches wide (14.5cm x 15cm).

Ref: M4366 . . . £265

1920s Citroen Grille Badge
A large and rare radiator badge from a 1920s Citroen which reads 'moteur flottant Citroen' and shows a geometric swan and chevrons in blue. It was used in the 1920s on the C4G and C6G models. It measures 4.75 inches (12cm) in diameter and is in very good vintage condition.

Ref: M4353 . . . £275

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