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Medals and Mascots 4

Art Deco Car Mascot by Auscher
An alloy car mascot made in France and signed to the metal Auscher. Not sure what car this was originally for. Later mounted on a black circular wood base. Original stud and nut underneath. Measures approximately 5.5 inches long and 3.5 inches high. Good original condition.

Ref: M3216 . . . £295

Medal by Cochet
French silvered bronze medal of a lady with apples. It measures 2 inches (5cm) in diameter. Stamped bronze and signed Cochet. In good condition.

Ref: M4180 . . . £135

Peugeot Car Mascot
Chromed metal lion car mascot, removed from a Peugeot 403. Mounted on a wooden base that measures 11.5 inches long (29cm) and the total height is 5.5 inches (14cm). Condition is very good with very minor pumping due to use.

Ref: M4206 . . . £195

Advertising Diver Dish
Two dimensional chrome and red enamel diver dish. The dish is made of alabaster and measures 7 inches (18cm) in diameter. The metal diver is fixed to the centre and measures 6 inches long (15cm). Condition is good with a tiny edge chip.

Ref: M4274 . . . £295

French Bulldog
French articulated large bulldog in wood. You can sit him down, stand him up and even move his legs and head independently. Hand painted facial detail with an art deco geometric design. He measures 10 inches long by 6 inches wide to his collar and 7.5 inches high. Condition is vintage and used but good.

Ref: M4283 . . . £375

Art Deco Plaque
French art deco plaque with red enamel detail. It reads Gallia Paris which I believe was associated with COIFFURE GALLIA - a ladies hairdresser in Paris. It measures 2.75 inches high by 3 inches wide (7cm x 7.5cm). Condition is good with a bit of red enamel chipping due to age but not too major. To the reverse are 2 nuts and bolts - so this plaque was originally fixed to something.

Ref: M4395 . . . £125

Art Deco Lady Car Mascot
Chromed metal English nude lady holding a beach ball car mascot. I do not know what car it came from. It is marked to the edge of the base with a registration number but it is illegible. Now mounted on a marble base it measures a total height of 8 inches (20cm). Condition is good with a little ageing as one would expect.

Ref: M4441 . . . £290

Art Deco Eagle Car Mascot
Chromed metal car mascot, not sure from which car. A winged eagle sitting onto of its original radiator cap which has been mounted on a marble base. The total height is 4.25 inches by 6 inches long (10.5cm x 15cm). Condition is vintage and used but with no damage or repairs.

Ref: M4442 . . . £240

Mascot Vide Poche by Casimir Brau
French art deco stylised bronze car mascot, mounted on a Vide Poche base. The base is made of Brazilian onyx and measures 8 inches long by 6.5 inches wide and the total height of the dog and base is 5 inches (20cm x 16.5cm x 12.5cm). This is an unsigned bronze stylised dog by Brault. Many car mascots at that time were also used as desk ornaments which is what this vide pooch is made for. Condition is good with a few tiny nibbles to the edges of the dish due to use as one would expect after 80+ years.

Ref: B508 . . . £695

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