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Other Miscellaneous Items 12

Bathing Belles Furniture Plaques
Pair of handed French bronze ladies in bathing costumes, sitting with sun umbrellas. Cast in bronze and probably removed from furniture doors. Each measures 4 inches high by 4.25 wide (10cm x 10.25) and is fitted with a central long threaded nut and bolt to the back. Bolt measures 1.25 inches (3cm) long. Condition is good although both have a slight dent to the noses.

Ref: B325 . . . £175 the pair

French Model Car Book
An original art deco card book of a model car. Made to be cut out and assembled into a model card car but never been used. It measures 18 inches by 14 inches (46cm x 35cm). A very rare find in unused original condition.

Ref: M1120 . . . £98

Pierrot Playing Cards
Original boxed 2 sets of fabric printed playing cards. Each set with stylised deco horses to the backs and in their original card box with Pierrot made in England on the lid label. There is one complete set and two are missing from the 2nd set. Good vintage used condition.

Ref: M2943 . . . £68 the set

Mains Power 'Cooler' Radio
Made by Point of Purchase Displays, Inc in 1949 model 5A410A. Size: 12 inches wide and 8.5 inches deep by 9.5 inches tall. Red bakelite, with its two original knobs. Plays clearly and strongly throughout the AM band. A new AC power cord has been added for safety. The bakelite case is in good condition.

Ref: RAD003 . . . £355

Standard Admiral Bakelite Gramophone
A great early vintage Admiral record player. In a bakelite case which is in fantastic condition. Size: 15.5 inches wide and 14.25 inches tall and 9 inches deep. Deserves a loving home and pride of place. More pictures available

Ref: M005 . . . £395

Fruit Machine Mills 1D
All mechanical slot machine that appears to date from the late thirties or forties. In good condition for it's age and in working order. Gold paint and chrome with red cherries. 26 inches tall, 16 inches wide, and 14 inches deep.

Ref: MISC003 . . . £950

Le Style Moderne Decoration Interieure Portfolio
Original French designers portfolio with photographs of lavish deco interiors. Editeur - CH. Massin - Paris. Pictures of works by such artists as - Groult, Dufrene, Printemps and Primevera, Croix Marie Levard, Gallot Freres, Rapin, Howard and Massin, Mallet-Stevens, Ruhlmann and Marjorelle. The cover and the pictures are all in good condition. Originally 36 pics now only 27 remain.

Ref: M3657 . . . £395

Le Style Moderne Decoration Interieure Portfolio
Another plate from the above listed portfolio.

Ref: M3657

Le Style Moderne Decoration Interieure Portfolio
The cover from the above listed portfolio dating from circa 1925.

Ref: M3657

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