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Wall Plaques Page 9

Fan Lady Wall Plaque
A very nicely painted fan lady measuring 8 inches tall, with part of the original label on the reverse, and numbered. Very good condition, with a flake of paint missing to the hem of her skirt.

Ref: Plq524 . . . £150

Czech Wall Plaque
An unusual mother and child china wall plaque marked 14914, Czechoslovakia. It measures approx 7 inches high and has an indistinct signature, which looks like R. Urnert. In excellent condition.

Ref: Plq512 . . . £260

English Wall Pockets
Plq516 - Green Floral Wall Pocket - An Empireware, English, matt green glaze wall pocket, approx 6.5 inches high and in good condition, but with a small mark where the glaze is missing from new. SOLD

Plq517 - Kensington Wall Pocket - A stylish matt yellow glaze wall pocket by Kensington Ware, England, measuring 7.5 inches high with hand painted leaf detail. In good condition. £48

Ref: Plq 517 . . . £48

Glass Wall Plaque
Picture plaque with a Silk picture detail sandwiched between two pieces of circular glass with a raffia frame. A very unusual item which measures approx 8 inches in diam. Condition is good but there is some ageing to the raffia frame. Apparently possibly by Aubrey Beardsley.

Ref: M203 . . . £65

Lady & Dog Wall Mask
Lovely American ceramic mask by the Erphila company and made during the 1930s. Beautifully hand painted and in very good condition with just a very tiny chip to the dogs hair which is barely visible. 9.5 inches (24cm) high.

Ref: Plq1001 . . . £395

'The Reader' by Goldscheider
Lovely 1930s terracotta lady holding a book, model number 7419 and stamped Goldscheider, Wien. Can be seen in the Goldscheider book. Condition is excellent but it does have a tiny firing crack to the back where the book meets her hair. Measures just over 11 inches (28cm).

Ref: Plq1006 . . . £1,395

Goldscheider Mask
Very pretty smaller terracotta mask designed by Adolf Prischl in 1937 and marked Goldscheider, Wien and Made in Germany. She measures 3.75 inches (9.5cm) high. Condition is very good. Two small firing cracks to the clay at the reverse. View this mask in the Filip Goldscheider book page 487.

Ref: Plq1094 . . . £195

Flo by the Ellgreave Potteries
Meet Flo, Eb's partner, originally featured in an English newspaper cartoon. This plaque was made in the 1930's by the Ellgreave pottery company of Burslem England to commemorate the cartoon. Beautifully hand painted in bright vivid deco colours and marked to the back with the makers marking and FLO. I also have Eb partner to Flo on my website (plaques page one) and another Eb in green. He measures approx 5.5 inches tall and is very good original condition with some minor age related glaze cracking, which one would expect.

Ref: Plq1132 . . . £220

Art Deco Wall Mask by Goldscheider
This is the famous sausage curl wall mask by Goldscheider. She is the medium sized version and measures 8 inches (20cm) high, I believe there were three sizes made and this is the middle one. Produced in the early 1930's and marked to the back Goldscheider Wien, made in Austria and model number 7453. Similar mask can be seen in the Goldscheider book by Ora Pinhas on page 170. In good condition with just one slither chip of missing paint to the top of one curl.

Ref: Plq1302 . . . £575

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