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Toga Dancer by Carlier
French art deco spelter Toga dancer group statue, mounted on a marble and onyx base. It measures 16 inches long by 3.75 inches deep by 14 inches high (41cm s 9.5cm x 36cm). Signed on the right hand end of the base Carlier. In good vintage condition with a few age related patina marks as one would expect after 90+ years.

Ref: F3013 . . . £695

Athlete Moderne by De Roncourt
This French art deco bending bar man is titled Athlete Moderne. I know this as I have an original catalogue from the foundry that made him (see below). The base is made of Belgian black marble. Base measures 7 inches deep by 28.5 inches long and the total height of the statue is 21 inches (17.5cm x 73cm x 53cm). Signed J. De Roncourt to the end of the base. Condition is good with just a few age related marks to the patina and a few marble nicks as one would expect after 90+ years plus some minor patina wear.

Ref: F3014 . . . £995

Incense Burner by Max Le Verrier
French spelter art deco cubist bird incense burner by Max Le Verrier. The top burner section supported by a trio of cubist long legged birds. Signed in his early 1920s pseudonym Artus. Mounted on a verdigris marble base. The total height is 10.5 inches (27cm). Complete with its original removable top cover. Condition is very good. A rare find.

Ref: F3015 . . . £745

French Musketeer Car Mascot
A rare French chromed bronze art deco car mascot modelled as a cubist 2 dimensional musketeer. Stamped with a foundry stamp - Pratt and Joseph Paris and numbered 106. Mounted on an onyx marble base that measures 4 inches in diameter and the total height is 5 inches (12.5cm). Condition is used but very good with just a few expected age related marks. A very rare find.

Ref: F3016 . . . £495

Ric and Ric Bookends
French art deco spelter Ric and Ric bookends by Pol Rab. Mounted on marble bases they each measure 6 inches high by 5 inches wide (15cm x 12.5cm). Condition is vintage and used but good.

Ref: F3017 . . . £295

Lamp by Deveau
French art deco wrought iron table lamp with an acid etched lady to the shade. The shade is signed Deveau. This is a very rare find. The shade has a 7 inch (17.5cm) diameter and the lamp stands a total height of 14.5 inches high (37cm). Condition is very good.

Ref: L2217 . . . £595

Art Deco Desk Lamp
French chromed metal office desk lamp mounted on a wooden base. It is fitted with an on/off switch to the base and the top pivots. It measures 8 inches deep by 11 inches wide and 14.5 inches high (20cm x 28cm x 37cm) Condition is vintage and used with a few expected age related marks and scuffs but basically good.

Ref: L2218 . . . £395

French Ceiling Lamp by Petitot
A French art deco ceiling lamp in thick pink glass. A signed piece by the Petitot company. It measures 16 inches in diameter (41cm) and has a chain to hang it at a maximum of 27 inches high (69cm). If some links are removed from the chain it can be hung to a shorter height if required. Condition is very good.

Ref: L2219 . . . £695

Japanese Rhythm Alarm Clock
A mid century alarm clock, made in Japan in the 1960s and in very good original condition. It has a graduated brown clock face with Luminescent hands and has a second hand and an alarm built in. It measures 4.5 inches (cm) wide and 7.5 inches (cm) high. Excellent original and working condition.

Ref: CL854 . . . £195

Mid Century Alarm Clock
A futuristic oval bodied clock made in Japan, with a cream plastic body and chromed metal base. It has a graduated brown clock face with a second hand and luminescent hands. It features an alarm and measures approximately 6.5 inches (cm) wide and 7.5 inches (cm) high. Very good original and working condition with just some minor pitting to the base.

Ref: CL855 . . . £195

Marlena Dietrich Wall Mask by Podany
A rare art deco wall mask, modelled as Marlene Dietrich. Designed by Rudolph Podany and produced by Keramos Wien, it bears both the signature and the company stamp. It measures 9 inches high by 8 inches wide (23cm x 20cm). Other than a small glaze chip at the top of her hair it is in excellent condition.

Ref: Plq1323 . . . £895

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