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Modernist Panther Clock Set
French art deco spelter panther modernist clock set. In cream onyx, the clock measures 21.5 inches wide by 10.25 inches high and 5 inches deep (55cm x 26cm x 12.5cm). The clock comes with its original pendulum and key and is in working condition. In excellent order.

Ref: CL892 . . . £695

The Charioteer Clock by Odyv
French ceramic art deco clock signed under the base ODYV in cream and silver crackle finish. It measures 18 inches long by 4 deep by 11 high (46cm x 10 x 28). The clock is has a mechanical movement and an alarm feature and we have had it working. Condition is very good with the usual loss to some of the silvering, this is quite common due to age.

Ref: CL893 . . . £495

Sea Lions Clock by Carvin
French art deco spelter double sea lions clock designed by Carvin but this one unsigned. The case is made of portorro and pink marble. It measures 15 inches wide by 4.5 inches deep by 12 inches high (38cm x 11.5cm x 30cm). We have had the clock working. Condition is good.

Ref: CL894 . . . £695

Ric Clock
French art deco spelter naughty dog clock, modelled on Pol Rabs Ric and Rac cartoon series. The clock face is signed Fustier Goussediere - Clement Ferrand. The spelter Ric statue has glass eyes. The clock measures 10 inches wide by 4.5 inches deep by 15.5 inches total height (26cm x 11.5cm x 39cm). Condition is vintage but good.

Ref: CL895 . . . £795

Three Panther Clock by Decoux
French art deco clock with 3 large stylised chromed panthers by Decoux. Case is made of Brazilian onyx Belgian black marble. An unsigned Decoux stamped bronze. It measures 31.5 inches long by 5 inches deep and 12.5 inches high (80cm x 12.5cm x 32cm). These triple panther clocks by Decoux are now very rare to find. We have the clock working. I also have the same clock in Rosso (red) and black marble - ask for pics of CL874. Condition is extremely good.

Ref: CL897 . . . £5,695

Modernist Art Deco Clock by ATO
French art deco modernist glass clock with bakelite base. Made by Leon Hatot in late 1920s. It measures 7.5 inches wide by 9 inches high by 4.5 inches deep (19cm x 23cm x 11cm). I believe the glass for this model was supplied by Lalique. In good vintage condition. Currently not working as would need to be converted to a modern battery. Leon Hatot was the first person to invent a battery operated clock in the 1920s. In excellent condition.

Ref: CL898 . . . £995

Double Lady Clock by Limousin
Rare French double spelter lady clock - a signed Limousin. The clock has a light up base with phenolic pearlised inserts and a filigree back panel detail. It measures 20.5 inches wide by 8.5 inches deep by 15.5 inches high (52cm x 22cm x 40cm ). In good vintage condition with one tiny piece of the back filigre panel missing but it is not noticeable when in situ as it is at the top.

Ref: CL899 . . . £1,695

Friends Clock by Scribe
French chryselephantine (bronze and ivory) clock of a medieval venetian lady with her two dogs. The base of this clock lights up at each end. Signed Scribe to the marble on the top of the clock. Scribe produced top quality bronzes and bronze and ivory Art Deco statues. The clock measures 17 inches wide by 18 inches high by 6.5 inches deep (43.5cm x 46cm x 16.5cm). Condition is very good and we have had the clock working.

Ref: CL900 . . . £3,695

Bronze Dancer Clock
French art deco dark green patinated bronze stylised scarf dancer clock. It measures 14 inches long by 3 inches deep by 8.5 inches high (36cm x 7.5cm x 21.5cm). Condition is vintage but good and we have had the clock working. It has a non-pendulum movement.

Ref: CL901 . . . £745

The Ballet Dancer Clock Set
French art deco bronze ballet dancer with a peacock. Circa 1925. Case is of brown and cream onyx with ribbed detail. The girl figure has the remnants of a dinanderie dress and the peacock still shows signs of its blue and green feather detail. It measures 21 inches wide by 5 inches deep by 13.5 inches high (53.5cm x 12.5cm x 34cm). The side pieces each measure 5.5 inches (14cm) wide, 3.5 inches (9cm) deep and 9 inches (23cm) high. Condition is very good and the clock is working.

Ref: CL902 . . . £1,495 the set

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