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The Hero by Uriano
French spelter figural group - a signed piece by Uriano. The figures have a bronzed patina and are mounted on a black marble base with onyx front intersection panels. Condition is very good with a few minor age related marble nicks. The spelter figures are exceptionally crisp. Total height is 19 inches (48cm) and the base measures 29 inches (74cm) by 6 inches (15cm). I recently sold the clock version of this figure for the filming of 'And Then There Were None' - featured on BBC in December 2015.

Ref: F1327 . . . £995

Antiope by Fayral
A green patinated spelter figure on a stepped stone base. She has a brass spear and is signed Fayral to the stone base. The base measures 13 inches (33cm) long and 4 inches (10cm) deep, a total of 15.5 inches (40cm) high and she totals 17 inches (43cm) wide including her spear. Her condition is very good with no damage.

Ref: F3084 . . . £2,495

'Quietude' by Uriano
A large unsigned Uriano spelter group with a base of black marble with green and brown onyx patterning to the top surface. The base measures almost 32 inches long and the lady is 16 inches high (41cm). Silvered spelter skin tone with bronzed coloured patina to the deer and lady’s dress and sash with gold enamelling detail. Condition is extremely good with just a few tiny marble nicks. I also have the large version of this piece with a pair of deer (F745).
I can date this piece to 1935 as I have the original Founders catalogue.

Ref: F965 . . . £995

Extremely Rare Airplane Statue
Where do I start! This is not just an airplane desk ornament its an Airport! Huge French art deco two hand carved 1920s wooden planes taking off. They are mounted on a wooden lightning bolt and flying over a world globe with chromed tube detailing. The base is made of Rosso marble. The larger plane has a large wing span of 19 inches and is 17 inches long (48cm x 43.5cm). The total width is 27 inches by 20 inches deep by 19 inches high (69cm x 51cm x 49cm). The condition is very good with just one small metal cowl missing over the engine of the large plain. I have never seen another one like it.

Ref: F3086 . . . SOLD

Wading Birds
French art deco spelter wading birds and snail group. Unsigned but probably by Rochard, mounted on a black ovular base with circular white onyx section. The snail is leading a charmed life in between the birds. The base measures approximately 20 inches (51cm) long by 8.5 inches (22cm) deep and total height is 10 inches (26cm). In excellent vintage condition.

Ref: F3088 . . . £595

The Hunter by Demetre Chiparus
French art deco spelter male hunter - this piece is titled the Hunter. Circa 1925. It was also made as a group figure with the man and a panther which was called the Hunt. I have the hunt - (ask to see pics of F3085). This single man one is rarer. Made in the late 1920s / early 1930s. Signed to the base D H Chiparus on the right hand corner. It measures 35 inches high by 21.5 inches wide by 7 inches deep (89cm x 55cm x 18cm). Condition is excellent.

Ref: F3089 . . . £3,495

Tug-of-War by Janle
A French spelter lady and goat group - an unsigned Janle, measuring 17.5 inches long, 9 inches high and 4 inches deep. The figures are mounted on a brown marble and onyx base, and is in good condition with just some ageing (darkening) to the patina.

Ref: F666 . . . £495

Moonlight Serenade by Limousin
French art deco spelter pierrot and Columbine romantic group. Signed Limousin to the metal base. The statues stand in front of a mirror glass crescent moon. Mounted on a marble base that measures 8.5 inches wide by 5.5 inches deep (21.5cm x 14cm. The total height to the top of the moon panel is 15 inches and the statues are 13 inches total height (38cm , 33cm). Condition is excellent.

Ref: F3093 . . . £695

The Hunt by Lemoine
French art deco spelter figural group of 2 female hunters on horseback. An unsigned statuary group by Lemoine which is rarely seen as a double figure. The statues have a bronzed patina and one is holding a lance and the other holding a trumpet. It is a large piece and measures approx 30 inches long by 7.25 inches deep by 12 inches high (76cm x 18.5cm x 30cm). Condition is very good but there are two small marks to the marble base under one horses rearing legs where there may have been some blades of grass that are no longer there.

Ref: F3094 . . . £1,695

Harem Twins with Mirror
Beautiful French spelter dancing twins. I have had this figure in various forms many times now but it is never signed so I do not know the artist. If I had to guess, I would say Limousin. They have a gold patina with zigzag hair styles and are holding a mirror between them. I would suggest this is a dressing table piece. They are mounted on a diamond shaped Sienna marble base that measures 15.5 inches long by 4 deep and the ladies are 7.5 inches high to the top of their hands. Condition is good but both ladies have some finger damage and are priced accordingly. I also have another version of this figure with the ladies not holding a mirror. Email me for pics if required, quoting the ref number.

Ref: F672 . . . £395

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