Lighters and Smokerabilia 6
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Lighters and Smokerabilia 6

French Ashtray Set
Set of 3 smoked glass ashtrays with acid etched galleons to the bases, all stacked into a chrome and macassar ebony based holder, measuring approximately 4 inches square (10cm). Condition is good with just a single small chip to one ashtray. Not the best picture, so email me for more pics.

Ref: M452 . . . £58

Golfer Lighter
Stylised chrome golfer lighter. Measuring 5 inches high (13cm) with chrome ball lighter, mounted on a macassar ebony base which measures approximately 5 x 4 inches (13x10cm). Condition is very good with just a little age spotting to the golfers cap.

Ref: M1051 . . . £265

Golfer Lighter
Stylish chrome golfer lighter with removable golf bag and early plastic clubs (1 missing). Measures approximately 4.5 inches (11cm) high and is complete with its Beney chrome ball lighter. Base is of macassar ebony and measures approximately 5 x 4 inches (13cm x 10cm).Good condition.

Ref: M1052 . . . £295

Nut bird Ashtray
Cute Nut bird ashtray (I have several Nut bird items) unmarked but probably made by Henry Howell and company who made the Nut birds that retailed with the Dunhill company. He has glass eyes and a red celluloid beak and measures 5 inches high and the ashtray base measures 6 inches by 4 (13cm x 15 x 10). He is sitting on a perch with a hole to one end for matches and a striker panel to the other side of him. Condition is very good.

Ref: M1797 . . . £120

Bakelite Cigarette Case
English glitter effect phenolic cigarette case. Measures approx. 1.75 inches by 3.25 (4.5cm x 8.5). In excellent condition.

Ref: M2579 . . . £68

French Table Lighter
Large modernist art deco chrome and green galalith table lighter. It bears a medal that reads - Minister Finances. It measures 4 inches high by 3 inches long (10cm x 7.5cm). Condition is vintage and used but good. I cannot however guarantee an old lighter but I do not think it would take a lot of effort to get it working.

Ref: M4421 . . . £165

Art Deco Table Lighter
Large French table lighter, signed Luxor to the base. Black enamel case with silver engine turned fan detailing to the front. It measures a large 4 inches high by 3 inches wide (10cm x 7.5cm). Cannot guarantee if it works (guarantee ran out 80+ years ago) but feels like it needs a flint as the wheel is moving freely.

Ref: M4390 . . . £145

Modernist Smokers Stand
Chrome and black bakelite art deco ashtray with copper central cap detail. Made by the Belgian company, Demeyere who were making modernist metalware items since 1909. It measures 24.5 inches (62cm) tall. In good condition with a few small age related marks. More pictures available upon request.

Ref: M4680 . . . £295

YZ Nutbird Astray
Art deco Dunhill nut bird signed YZ and made in England under the base. The bird has a phenolic red beak and glass eyes. It measures 3.25 inches in diameter and 3.5 inches high (8cm x 9cm). Condition is good.

Ref: M5329 . . . £135

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