Lighters and Smokerabilia 9
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Lighters and Smokerabilia 9

Pagoda Cigarette Dispenser
Lovely 1930's pull-up cigarette dispenser with oriental chinoiserie coloured enamel patterning. In very good condition and the mechanism works well. Measures 7.25 inches (18cm) high.

Ref: M681 . . . £125

Nut bird Ashtray
Dunhill style Nut bird, made by the same makers as the Dunhill items (Henry Howell and Co). Nut bird with glass eyes and a pink galalith beak. He sits on a perch flanked by a match holder hole and and a striker panel, to the front is the ashtray section carved from oak. In excellent condition.

Ref: M1782 . . . £120

Crinoline Cigarette Case
Glitter Crinoline lady phenolic cigarette case, measures 3.25 inches by 2.25 (8cm x 5.6). Inside each side there is an elastic strap to hold the cigarettes. Condition is vintage and used but good with a couple of foxing marks to the metal surround.

Ref: M2577a . . . £98

Cigarette Case and Lighter
French Cigarette Case and Lighter with red enamel cover and engine turned back panel. Inside there are cigarette holder clips and a striker lighter which unscrews from the lighter and there is a striker panel to one end. It measures 3.75 inches by 2.75 (9.5cm x 7). Condition is vintage and used but good with one tiny enamel chip to the front and some wear to the back panel.

Ref: M2653 . . . £135

Marbled Cigarette Case
Pearlised marble effect phenolic cigarette case. Measures approximately 2 inches by 3.25 (5cm x 8). Inside has two elastic band holders to hold the cigarettes in. In good vintage used condition.

Ref: M2753 . . . £68

Nutbird Ashtray
Wooden ashtray with bowler hated nutbird to the side. The bird has glass eyes and a phenolic beak and wooden hat. It measures 4 inches by 3.25 by 4.75 high (10cm x 8 x 12). Condition is vintage and used but good.

Ref: M2832 . . . £78

Dice Table Lighter by Javel
French orange phenolic triple dice table lighter. Measures 4 inches tall (10cm), marked A. Javel, Paris to the base. In good vintage used condition with a few small scratches as one would expect.

Ref: M2846 . . . £135

Bartender Cigarette Dispenser
Art deco cigarette box - this one complete with dummy cigarettes - shown in the open position. The brass cocktail waiter is mounted on a top with various cocktail bottles and shakers etc. Pull the lid up to expose the cigarettes. Measures 7.5 inches (19cm) high. Good condition with some age related marks and dinks to the finish.

Ref: M3479 . . . £345

Ric and Rac Phenolic Ashtray
French phenolic ashtray desk stand, modelled on Ric and Rac the naughty comic strip terriers designed by Pol Rab. The base is an orange phenolic material with a matchbox holder cube to one side and and ashtray to the base. The dog (Rac) is also phenolic. The base measures 5 inches by 4 inches wide by 3 inches high (12.5cm x 10cm x 7.5cm). Condition is vintage and used but very good.

Ref: M3468 . . . £165

Bakelite Cigarette case
Brown bakelite cigarette case with a stylised lady kayaker to the cover. Inside are 2 separate sections with a chromed metal panel separating them. It measures 5.25 inches by 3.25 inches (13.5cm x 8cm). Condition is very good.

Ref: M4349 . . . £135

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