Table and Kitchenware 4
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Table and Kitchenware 4

Modernist Tazza
French modernist metal fruit bowl on circular geometric patterned stem. It measures approximately 4 inches tall by 10 inches wide (10cm x 26). Condition is very good.

Ref: M1602 . . . £135

Fish Cutlery Set
Stepped cream celluloid handles with original box. Set of 6. Good original condition.

Ref: M1522 . . . £85

Penguin Cruet Set by Deakin and Sons
Original 1930's English electro plated nickel silver penguins cruet set, bearing silver hallmarks and makers stamp for James Deakin and Sons. In good used condition.

Ref: M1830 . . . £135

Mixed Cutlery
More galalith cutlery possibly from Germany, including butter and cheese knives and pickle forks. Condition is used but good with some signs of ageing and one knife missing its central collar.

Ref: M1677 . . . £28 the lot

German Galalith Cutlery Set
A large lot of German knives and forks by Franz Solvingen Rosterei. Set consists of 12 knives and 11 forks. All have marbled brown galalith handles. Condition is used and vintage 1930's with some wear to the chrome hilt and knives show signs of sharpening. Still very stylish and usable although probably not dishwasher proof.

Ref: M1679 . . . £95 set

Phenolic Carver Set
Wonderful Sheffield steel 3 piece carver set with amber phenolic handles and with its original wooden gift box measuring 16.5 inches by 5.5 inches. They look barely used although the knife shows signs of sharpening to the edge of the blade. The original box is missing one end flap of the lid.

Ref: M1693 . . . £68 set

French Tea Set
Five piece metal tea set with macassar handles. Indistinct markings under the bases. Consists of two pots a milk jug and sugar bowl and large macassar and phenolic tray with stepped handles. The tallest pot is 6 inches tall (15cm) and the tray measures 21 inches by 13.25 inches (23cm x 34.5cm). In very good vintage condition.

Ref: M3319 . . . £495

Modernist Teapot
Chromed metal spaceship teapot. It measures 7 inches(18cm) tall. I am not sure of the age, it may be 1970's? It is in good unused condition.

Ref: M3305 . . . £48

Animal Napkin Rings
A set of 4 original art deco phenolic napkin ring holders in the form of a cockerel, a duck a bird and a dog. Cockerel measures approx. 3 inches (7.5cm) high. Condition is very good with a very small chip to the chickens tail. More pics available on request.

Ref: M4406 . . . £98 the set

Peugeot Art Deco Peppermill
French art deco macassar ebony bodied man Peppermill for the Peugeot motor company. In stylised chromed metal he is holding 2 phenolic glass marker newspapers. Marked under the base with Peugeot and a makers name. He measures 4.5 inches high (11.5cm). Condition is very good.

Ref: M5140 . . . £395

Fruit Knives Set
German art deco phenolic handled fruit knives in a chromed metal holder frame. The height is 7.5 inches (19cm). In extremely good condition.

Ref: M5374 . . . £120

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