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Dressing Table Set
Four piece red and chrome enamel dressing table set. Consists of 2 brushes, 1 comb and a tray. The tray measures 15.5 inches by 8 inches (39cm x 20cm) and has a central glass panel with frosted flying ducks pattern. Condition is very good.

Ref: M1845 . . . £135 the set

Chrome Handbag
American handbag made of chrome bronze tinted metal woven panels. It has a metal handle and Inside is lined with a red fabric. It measures 9 inches by 3.5 by 3.5 (23cm x 9 x 9). Condition is very good.

Ref: M1851 . . . £145

Powder Puffer by Brevette
Green celluloid retractable powder puffer with soft feather brush. It measures 3.25 inches long and still retains its original screw end cap. Marked to the base Brevette. Condition is good with some minor age related wear to the feathers.

Ref: M1867 . . . £68

French Purse
Celluloid top frame and handle with beaded panels to the sides. This is a rare purse sized bag measuring 6.5 inches high including the strap by 3.25 wide (16cm x 8). Condition is used but very good.

Ref: M1869 . . . £68

French Evening Bag
French beaded evening bag with with orange and blue beads and a celluloid lilly of the valley handle. It measures 7 inches high (18cm) plus the fringe to the bottom and the handle to the top. Inside it is its original deco cotton fabric. Condition is very good with very minor bead loss mainly to the fringe.

Ref: M1874 . . . £135

Bird Lady Box by Guyete
French amber celluloid box with intricate floral patterning and to the centre of the lid an Art Nouveau lady and bird panel. It measures 3 inches by 2.25 (7.5cm x 5.5) and is signed to the base S. Guyete Paris. In excellent condition.

Ref: M1878 . . . £135

Manicure Handbag Set
Black leather handbag with chrome frame and scalloped handle. It measures 8 inches high by 5 wide (20cm x 13cm). Inside it is suede lined and holds a full phenolic handled manicure set. Condition is vintage but very god with just one small slit to the edge of the leather case, barely worthy of a mention.

Ref: M1931 . . . £125

Vitrolite Stand
Metal terrier dog sitting on a red vitrolite glass base. This stand was made to hold a watch or earrings on a dressing table. It stands 5 inches tall (13cm) and is in good vintage condition.

Ref: M2493 . . . £98

Crochet Handbag
French crochet handbag with phenolic handle with Elephants and a Buddha around it. It measures a total height of 14.5 inches (37cm). Condition is vintage and used but good having just a very tiny edge crack to the phenolic handle which is barely worthy of a mention. Inside is lined with brown velvet.

Ref: M2464 . . . £135

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