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Dressing Table Set by Xylonite
Vivid two tone pink dressing table set, consists of 2 trinket boxes a hand mirror, brush and tray. All in good used vintage condition, although the mirror and brush may have been purchases separately as the colour is a slightly different shade.

Ref: M2824 . . . £85

English Dressing Table Set
Four piece dressing table set consisting of brushes, comb and hand mirror. Comes in its original gift box, it is made of a vivid metallic pink phenolic material. The hand mirror measures 8.5 inches high (22cm). The comb is a slightly lighter colour but the condition is good.

Ref: M2829 . . . £85

Modernist Dressing Table Set
Pale blue and white phenolic dressing table set. Consisting of a large tray and 3 trinket boxes. Fabulous rolled and striped foot and handle detailing and in very good vintage used condition. I also have this same set in black and peach.

Ref: M2830 . . . £195

Phenolic Box
Pale green and pink phenolic box. Measures approx. 5 inches by 4 (12.5cm x 10). In good vintage used condition with some signs of re-gluing to the edges (not unusual with these items).

Ref: M2837 . . . £75

Cased Nail Care Set
Phenolic green and black screw lid container holding 3 nail tools. It measures 3 inches tall and still has its original wooden beaded tassel. Condition is vintage and used but good.

Ref: M2838 . . . £125

Phenolic Manicure Set
German galalith container with 3 manicure tools inside. It measures 3 inches (7.5cm) high and is marked to the base Germany. Condition is vintage and used but good.

Ref: M2865 . . . £68

Pearlised Phenolic Handbag
English hand bag, marked - Miss L fire to the base label. Made of a rich golden brown marbleised phenolic material and dates to the 1950's. It measures - base bag 4 inches square by 4 high and to the top of the handle 9 high (10cm x 22.5). Condition is vintage and used but very good, lock is good and tight.

Ref: M2899 . . . £185

Rare Make Up Brush
Rare American retractable make up brush with black hatted head to the top and gilt metal case. Pull the base off and twist for the brush to pop up. It measures 2.75 inches (7cm) high.

Ref: M4490 . . . £125

Manicure Set
French phenolic art deco manicure set consisting of 4 various nail tools with matching phenolic handles measuring a total of 3 inches (7.5cm) high. In good vintage used condition.

Ref: M4533 . . . £125

Rare Lady Hand Mirror
Extremely rare Czech art deco Royal Dux (unsigned) ladies head and hand hand mirror. This same ladies head was made as a wall mask. Beautifully hand painted and stamped Foreign. It measures 8.25 inches high 21cm) high. Condition is good.

Ref: CH1616 . . . £295

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