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Celluloid Bag by J B Feroze
Wonderful pearlized orangey gold celluloid bag with galalith catch. It has a handle hold strap to the back and the inside is lined, with white silky material and has an original mirror and central purse section. It measures approx 8 inches by 5 (20cm x 12.5). It comes with its original box with a flapper pic on the lid. The box label reads J R Feroze and made in Japan. Condition of the bag is excellent and I do not think it has ever been used, the box however is a bit crushed and torn. Probably been in somone's bottom drawer from new.

Ref: M1463 . . . £95

Crochet Bag
English crochet evening bag with celluloid tortoise shell handle. It measures approx 7 inches square (18cm). Condition is used but good.

Ref: M1467 . . . £38

Travelers Vanity Set
Cased vanity set, all a girl needs in one original case. Brush and comb in green celluloid. Manicure set, glass perfume bottles, mirror, and various other small jars and containers.

Ref: M1473 . . . £95

Vanity Set
English boxed vanity set consisting of brush and matching comb. In good condition with some silvering loss to the edge of the celluloid comb. Comes with its original silk lined box and labelled British Manufacture.

Ref: M1477 . . . £68

1920's Mini Handbag
Brown ribbed leather small handbag that measures 6.5 inches by 4 (16.5cm x 10). Inside there are 3 compartments and there is a matching mirror and mini purse for your coins. Condition is good.

Ref: M1517 . . . £48

Handbag Manicure Set
German galalith screwtop tube containing nailfile and three nail tools with matching orange galalith handles. A holiday souvenir with a picture plaque from Kosegrow. Excellent condition.

Ref: M1316 . . . £48

Powder Dish
An English enamel powder dish for the dressing table. Lift the mirrored lid to reveal the powder bowl. The lid has black and cream enamelled pattern, and condition is good with just minor wear to the chrome base and some ageing to the mirror. Measures 5 inches (13cm) in diameter.

Ref: M739 . . . £95

Phenolic Comb
Unsure what this beautiful comb type item was made for as the teeth are too short to be a comb. It is made of marbled green galalith with diamonte sunburst patterning. It measures 3.25 inches long by 1.5 inches wide (8cm x 4cm) and comes with its original green leather holder case. In excellent condition.

Ref: M3273 . . . £85

Mesh Purse
Vintage small mesh coin purse with green enamelled metal top bar and multi clouded metal mesh bag. It measures 4 inches high by 2.5 inches wide (10cm x 6.5cm) and a total height of 6.25 inches (16cm) from the handle top to the bottom. In good vintage used condition. Probably by Whiting and Davis but the tag is not present.

Ref: M3467 . . . £78

Mens shaving/wash travel bag
Leather hide mans travel wash bag by Two-Tix consists of 12 pieces including a mirror, comb, 2 brushes, a razor holder, soup holder, toothbrush holder, aftershave bottle and shaving cream brush. A complete set. Bares the makers label inside the case. The case measures 8.5 inches (22cm) across by 10.5 inches (25.5cm) long by 2.5 inches (6.5cm) high. In good used vintage condition with a working zip.

Ref: MM004 . . . £135

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